OLIVER BERNARD WENDELN, resident chemist of the Pure Oil Company Refinery, Cabin Creek Junction, West Virginia, was born at Saint Marys, Ohio, October 18, 1900. Oliver Bernard Wendeln is a son of Antone F. and Lula (Jay) Wendeln, and he was reared in a home of refined influences, for his father was a practicing attorney and a graduate of Wesleyan College, Delaware, Ohio. In 1904, after years spent in the practice of his learned profession, Antone F. Wendeln died at Saint Marys, but his wife survives him and is now residing at Los Angeles, California. She was born and reared at Saint Marys, and after she had completed the public school courses she entered Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, from which she was later graduated. All her life she has taken an intelligent part in community work, and has been active in the Presbyterian Church, of which she is a member. She is also a member of the Eastern Star. Four children were born to the parents, of whom two died in infancy. Mr. Wendeln is the youngest born, his elder sister, being Mariam, who married John P. Campbell, a retail hardware merchant of Los Angeles, California. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell had one child, Jay Mathers Campbell, who died at the age of seven years. It is with them that Mrs. Wendeln is now living.


Oliver Bernard Wendeln attended the public schools of Saint Marys, completing the first two years at Rutgers Preparatory School, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Following that he was a student of Purdue University for one year, and completed his work in the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in 1923. While in Purdue University he was made a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, and to the Presbyterian Church. In political faith he is a Republican.


After graduating from the university he was with the Shell Oil Company, Martinez, California, for a few months, leaving it for the Pure Oil Company at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Later he was transferred to its Columbus, Ohio, plant, as geologist. In 1925 he was brought to Cabin Creek Junction as resident chemist, and here he has been continued. Mr. Wendeln is unmarried. Needless to say he is enthusiastic with reference to the possibilities of West Virginia, for he not only likes it, but he has trained and technical knowledge of geological formations which makes it possible for him to predict the future, for he knows what wealth has been stored up during past ages, some of which can now be released for the profit and comfort of this generation.


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