Mr. L. N. Blume was born at St. Johns, Auglaize Co.; Ohio, June 21, 1845, removing from thence for the purpose of attending school to the town of Wapakoneta, the county seat of said county, where he has ever since resided. It may with truth be said that Mr. B. is to the manner born. At the early age of seventeen Mr. B. embarked in mercantile affairs, which he has pursued with energy and diligence up to the present, meeting with the measures of success which is a sure reward to those who with industry and economy adhere to a calling.

During leisure moments, and whilst engaged in business affairs, and having a laudable desire for self-improvement, Mr. B. commenced the study of the law, to which profession he became a member in the course of two years, being the only one admitted out of a class of three, his preceptor being the Hon. W. V. M. Layton, deceased. At a time when business enterprise was at a low ebb, Mr. Blume's efforts largely contributed to the organization of the Wapakoneta Spoke and Wheel Co., of which he became a charter member; this corporation being one of the most important manufacturing interests in said city, whose wares are sold throughout the entire country.

Mr. Blume at the age of twenty-two was elected City Clerk, to which position he was re-elected four successive terms. He is now serving his second term as a member of the Board of Education, serving as Clerk of said Board.

Mr. Blume was married to Miss H. C. Sallada in the year 1866.



From "History of Auglaize County, Ohio, with the Indian History of Wapakoneta, and the First Settlement of the County", Robert Sutton, Publishers, Wapakoneta, 1880