John Blew was born in Champaign County, Ohio, in 1820, and came with his father to this county in June, 1824, and settled in St. Marys. His mother came to the county in 1818, and was present when the treaty was made with the Indians at that place. Mr. Blew had sixteen horses stolen by the Indians which he never recovered. He relates the means by which he obtained his first gun. An Indian having died in the neighborhood, was not buried, but his body was placed in a tree. Here his gun and bow and arrows were placed by his side. In the course of time the gun fell to the ground, where it was found by Mr. Blew. He was well acquainted with John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, who planted a nursery on the farm of Mr. Dowty, now owned by Michael Cabal. Mr. Blew refers to those as the days in which "coon" fur supplied the place of wool, and was manipulated by the spinning wheels and knitting needles of the women.



From "History of Auglaize County, Ohio, with the Indian History of Wapakoneta, and the First Settlement of the County", Robert Sutton, Publishers, Wapakoneta, 1880