Samuel Kirk, a son of William Kirk, was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, June 6, 1792. When in his fifth year his father moved to Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and in 1813, with his family, migrated to Belmont county, Ohio; settled on a farm one-half mile northwest of Flushing, and remained there until his death, which occurred August 27, 1841. Our subject married Rachel Jones in 1815, built a cabin in the woods on a tract of land which he had purchased, located two miles west of Flushing, near where the village of Rock Hill now stands, and lived there until his death, October 8, 1877. His wife died April 11, 1872. They reared a family of five children: Levi, Sarah A., Edith, Wm. B. and Lydia H.. Levi, the eldest child, was born July 11, 1817, he married Hannah Russell, and died in North Lewisburg, Champaign county, Ohio, October 21, 1871, leaving no children. Sarah Ann is still living; has been married twice; first to John Clark, second to John Riggott; she survived them both, and is living one mile south of Rock Hill, in Flushing township. Edith married Westley Russell, by whom she had eleven children: Simeon, Rachel A., Levi R., Mary M., Luther, Adaline, Jemima, William, Arthur, Everet and Nora; herself and husband are deceased.


From History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio by J.A. Caldwell 1880