Johannes Jacob Kiesewetter was born January 21, 1819 near Vienna, Austria.  At the age of 38 he came to America by sailing ship.  He, his wife Christine Schubert, daughter Franciskah Romanda, (and possibly his mother-in-law Rosalie Schubert) left Austria May 23, 1853 and landed in New York July 17, 1853. They settled in Maurystown, Ohio.  He was declared a United Sates citizen May 31, 1859.  His first wife Christine died about 1860.

On the 12 of November 1861 at the German Lutheran Church at Arnheim, Ohio Johannes remarried.  He married Anna Barbara Schneider who was born 28th of October 1827.  Her family was from from the tiny village of Hoheinod in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz, just north of the French border).

They lived in a German settlement and attended a Lutheran German speaking church. Johannes was a successful farmer. Long after his death Johannes was remember in the community for his generous gifts of money to relatives Europe to pay for their passage to America.

Johannes and Anna Barbara had four children who lived into adulthood. John Jacob b. 24 October 1864, Rosina Margaretha b. 1866, Franz Wilhelm b. 17 June 1868, Karolina Barbara b. 19 December 1870.

He died 29 of February 1888 and was buried in the Arnheim Church Cemetary in Brown Co. Ohio.  He was survived by his widow Barbara and four children. Other notes:  Johannes said his first wife was a relative of composer Franz Peter Schubert.  Schubert biographies tell about a Kiesewetter family of Vienna who were well-to-do friends and supporters of the composer.

An heirloom that belonged to Johannes Kiesewetter: a German (Lutheran translation) Bible that was printed in Basel, Switzerland,  March 1, 1720 by Friedrich Battier and M. Theodore Gernler--pastors of St. Alben and St. Elisabethen. Introductory chapter by Martin Luther. Now in a museum in Cincinnati.


Written and researched by  Linda Rawles