Fergus ANDERSON died early in April, 1880, at his residence in Venice, from general debility, aged eighty-three years. His death had been expected for some time, as he had gradually become very weak. The life of Fergus ANDERSON stands out prominently in Butler County history. His period of greatest activity in political affairs extended from 1828 to 1840. These times are beyond the recollection of men now approaching middle life, but are not forgotten by hundreds of our older citizens, who are more identified with the past than the present.


Fergus ANDERSON came of good stock. His father was Issac ANDERSON, mentioned elsewhere in this book. Fergus was the second oldest son, and was born in Cincinnati June 14, 1797. He was married to Miss Mary DICK, daughter of Samuel DICK, an old associate pioneer of Isaac ANDERSON, June 28, 1821. Fergus was brought up to the business of farming, and after he was married settled on a farm on Indian Creek, near the residence of his father. In 1828 he was sent to the Legislature. He served two years, and was then elected to the senate, where he stayed the same length of time. In 1835 he was chosen a justice of the peace in Ross Township, in which office he served until he was elected associate judge of Butler County by the Legislature. This office he retained seven years. For many years he was also president of the board of trustees of Miami University, and a member of the county agricultural board. In all these varied capacities he served the public faithfully and well. In middle life Mr. ANDERSON was a wealthy man, but he gave much money to his married sons, and two of them dying, many thousands of dollars went out of the home estate, and he finally found himself in embarrassed circumstances-principally through these means.


In disposition his principal characteristics were his kindness of heart and gentleness. Enemies he had none, while his friends, especially among the older generation now living, could be numbered by hundreds.



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