JOHN SPENGLER, German, Elmira p.o., the merchant and postmaster of Elmira, was born in Switzerland, in May, 1823, and was a son of GEORGE and MARGARET SPENGLER, of Switzerland, who with a family of two sons, JOHN and HARMON, emigrated to America in 1847.  The parents settled in Franklin township, where they died.  GEORGE, who was born in 1779, died in 1884.  His wife died in 1872. JOHN learned the stone-cutter's and carver's trade, and executed a large amount of fine work in this country, in New York, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Chicago, and San Francisco, as well as on the capitol at Washington.  He was married in Switzerland in 1848, and came to America and settled in New York, where he became engaged at his trade.  That same year he came to Fulton county and became engaged in farming, but soon tiring of this, he moved to Toledo, then to Buffalo, and from thence back to New York, and in 1854 went to Washington.  For five years he was engaged in mining, and did much of the work on the Comstock Silver Mill, after which he worked at his trade in Sacramento City and Nevada.  In 1864 he visited his native land, and in 1866 he returned to New York city.   In 1868 he came to Bloomington, Ill., then went to Chicago, and in 1875 went to St. Louis, where he remained until 1876, when he again came to Fulton county and settled in German township, and became engaged in the marble and granite business.  In 1885 he purchased his store and dwelling.  He was appointed postmaster in 1885 at Elmira where he resides.


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