George H. Creswell was born on the farm on which he is now living and which he owns, at the crossing of the Federal pike and the Cedarville and Jamestown road in Cedarville township, and has lived there all his life, even as his father had done before him, the latter also having been born there, a son of James Creswell, who was one of the sons of the Widow Creswell, who had come up into this section of Ohio from Kentucky with her eight children and had established her home in what later came to be developed the Cedarville neighborhood in the days before Greene county had been organized, the Creswells having thus become numbered as among the very first permanent settlers of this county. In a biographical sketch relating to James H. Creswell, elder brother of the subject of this sketch, presented elsewhere in this volume, there is set out at considerable length something of the history and the genealogy of the Creswell family, and it is therefore not necessary to go into those details in this connection further than to say that George H. Creswell was born on August 30, 1860, son of Samuel and Eliza Jane (Huffman) Creswell, the former of whom was a son of James and Ann (Junkin) Creswell, both members of pioneer families here, James Creswell having been the son of James and Catherine (Creswell) Criswell, the latter of whom came up here with her children after her husband had been murdered by Indians in Kentucky and became one of the members of that old Seceder community on Massies creek to which the Rev. Robert Armstrong ministered in the early days of the settlement of this county. The Widow Criswell preferred the name Creswell. to which she was bom, to that of Criswell. her husband's name, and after the tragic death of her husband adopted the former spelling of the name and the Creswells have ever since been thus known.

Reared on the home farm, George H. Creswell completed his schooling in the Cedarville high school. As the elder children of the family of ten born to his parents moved away to make places of their own he remained on the farm and during the later years of his father's life managed the place, and after his marriage established his home there. After the death of his father he bought the interests of the other heirs in the home place and has since continued to live there, the house which his father built there many years ago still serving as a place of residence. One room of this house is a part of the house erected there by his grandfather when the latter settled on the place in 1812. In 1832 his father, then a lad of twelve years, planted a sycamore sprout in the front dooryard and that tree, now grown to noble proportions, is one of the distinctive features of the place and is thought much of by the family. Since taking possession of the old home place Mr. Creswell has added to the same by the purchase of an adjoining tract of twenty-two acres and now has a farm of one hundred and ninety-eight acres. In his political affiliation Mr. Creswell is a Republican and has served for eight years as a member of the Cedarville township school board. He also is vicepresident of the W. L. Clemens Real Estate Company at Cedarville.

On December 28, 1892, George R. Creswell was united in marriage to Amanda Blair, who was born at Sparta, Illinois, March 25, 1867, daughter of J. Franklin and Elizabeth (Marvin) Blair, the latter of whom is still living, now a resident of Cedarville, where she has made her home since 1912, and further mention of whom is made in the biographical sketch of Mr. Creswell's elder brother, James H. Creswell, referred to above, the latter's wife being a sister of Mrs. Amanda Creswell. To George H. and Amanda (Blair) Creswell have been born four children, Irma, born on August 4, 1894; Eula, July 30, 1896; Samuel Morton, September 19, 1899, and Elizabeth, October 21, 1905, the two latter of whom are still in school, the son attending Cedarville College. The Creswells are members of the Reformed Presbyterian church at Cedarville, and Mr. Creswell has been a member of the board of trustees of the same for ten years, a member of the choir since 1880 and leader of the same for many years, having ever since the days of his boyhood given his attention to the afifairs of the church with which the Creswell family have been connected ever since its establishment more than a centurv ago.


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From History of Greene County Ohio, Its People, Industries and Institutions, vol. 2. M.A. Broadstone, editor. B. F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis. 1918