Wallace Francis Andrews, the owner of eight hundred and twenty-five acres of land in this county and now living retired in Xenia, was born on a farm in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, April 5, 1859, son of Samuel and Susan (Bryson) Andrews, who spent their last days in that county. Samuel Andrews also was born in Westmoreland county and his wife was born in Fayette county, in that same state. She died in 1892 at the age of seventy years, and he died in 1897, aged seventy-five. They were the parents of five children, three of whom are still living, the subject of this sketch having two sisters, Anna, wife of Charles Cunningham, of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, and Margaret, wife of John Stoner, a farmer, of Silvercreek township, this county. Samuel Andrews was the owner of a farm of one hundred and twenty acres in Westmoreland county, the coal rights to which he sold for one hundred dollars an acre. He was a Democrat and he and his wife were members of the United Presbyterian church.

Reared on the home farm in Pennsylvania, Wallace F. Andrews completed his schooling in the Mt. Pleasant Institute and when a young man went to Kansas, to "grow up with the country." From Kansas he went up into Nebraska and for a time was employed in the latter state on a big ranch. He later bought a tract of railroad land in that state and held on to it for ten years, occupying it, however, for but five years, at the end of which time he returned to Pennsylvania, married there in 1892 and took care of his father's farm until 1896, w'hen he came to Ohio and bought a farm of three hundred and twenty acres in Fayette county. There he lived for five years, or until 1901, when he came over into Greene county and bought a farm of two hundred and thirty acres in New Jasper township, on which he made his home. When Mr. Andrews came to this county he still held on to his Fayette county farm, but later sold the same, that transaction being the first one in which Fayette county farm land was sold for one hundred dollars an acre. Upon selling that farm he liought a tract of four hundred and twenty-five acres in Ross township, this county, which latter place his son is now operating. Since entering upon possession of his place in New Jasper township he has added more in Cedarville township, adjoining the same, and now has there four hundred acres on the Jamestown pike. In 1911 he remodeled the house, the same standing on that part of his farm formerly known as the old Watt place. In April. 1918, Mr. Andrews and wife moved to Xenia to live and now reside at 436 North Galloway street. Mr. Andrews is a Democrat.

On January 29, 1891, Wallace F. Andrews was united in marriage in Pennsylvania to Anna Junk, who was born in the vicinity of Dunbar, in Fayette county, that state, daughter of Robert Junk and wife, the latter of whom lived to the great age of ninety-six years, his death occurring in 1916, and to this union five children have been born, namely: Elbert, who is now managing his father's Ross township farm; Alice, who is at home with her parents; Samuel, who died at the age of seventeen years of typhoid fever; Howard, who died of the same disease at the same time, he being fifteen years of age at the time, and Mary, who was born in 1906. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are members of the United Presbyterian church.



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