NOIONO. This Farm is owned by Mary M. Corrigan, Post Office Perry, Ohio. It contains 53 acres, located on North Ridge Road, Lot 91, Sub-district 2. Its principal market is Perry, about 3 1/2 miles distant. General Soil products consisting of Corn, Oats, hay, potatoes, onions, etc., are cultivated. The water supply is received from never-failing wells. The name is derived from the word "onion" reversed in spelling. Building improvements are in best of repair. The residence is modern and handsomely furnished. All barns are in sanitary condition. There is an up-to-date garage on the place; housing two automobiles and one tenant house completes the list of buildings. The residence fronts towards Lake Erie, giving a very pretty view of the Lake and intervening country. This is considered one of the excellent farms of Lake County.


1915 Lake County, Ohio Atlas