Isaac Smucker ranks among its early settlers, and one of the best known and most respected citizens of Newark.  He was a native of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, born in 1807 and removed to Newark in 1825.  He attended the commons schools, and also had the benefit of a brief academical course of instruction.   He has written many valuable articles for county histories and other publications of a historical character; also, for the Ohio Reports of Secretary of State, and for periodical publications.

Mr. Smucker has served in public offices in the interest of common schools, and classical education as well.  He was for several years a member of the State Legislature; also, a member of the City Council and Board of Education.  He was one of the Grant presidential electors in 1867, has been secretary of the "Licking County Historical and Antiquarian Society."


Historical Collections of Ohio, Vol 2, by Henry Howe. (pub 1888)