Lamar P. Wilson, present county auditor of Madison County, has for a number of years been one of the progressive men in the agricultural affairs and agricultural organizations in his section of the state. Farming is his business and profession, and it has been the occupation of his family since earliest pioneer times in Madison County. His grandfather, Valentine Wilson, who was born in Virginia, in 1785, came to Ohio and settled in Madison County in 1807. He built the first brick house in the county, a structure still standing, more than a century old. He was instrumental in devoping hundreds of acres to cultivation, and founded a large family, his descendants pssessing many of his sturdy characteristics. he died in 1855. He reared nineteen children. The grandmother of Lamar P. Wilson was Nancy Roberts.

Hamilton Wilson, son of Valentine and Nancy (Roberts) Wilson, was born in Madison County, February 7, 1830. He devoted his active career to farming, and for thirty-one years held the office of justice of the peace, and for twenty-one years was a member of the school board of his home district. He was an active republican in politics. Hamilton Wilson, who died in 1895, married at Byron, in Greene County, Ohio, in 1861, Miss Isabella Koogler, daughter of Simon Koogler, a Greene County farmer. She died in 1900, mother of three sons and two daughters.

Lamar P. Wilson was born at Lafayette, in Madison County, Novembe r8, 1873. He finished his education by graduating from the London High School, and then took up the vocations to which he had been trained as a youth. Mr. Wilson has not only been progressively successful in managing his own farming interests, but at all times has been willing to take the lead and assume responsibilities for the benefit of farm life generally. He has been a member of the Farm Bureau and Grange, for three years has served on the Board of Directors of the Madison County Agricultural Society, and for eleven years, secretary of the society. He was elected for six consecutive years treasurer of the Association of County Fairs, the largest association of its kind in the world.

Mr. Wilson was elected county auditor of Madison County, November 7, 1922. He is a republican, being elected on that ticket. On June 16, 1897, at London, he married Miss Wilda Johnson, daughter of W. B. and Martha (Doak) Johnson, of Summerford, Madison County. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have an adopted son, Sherman Mitchell Wilson.


From HISTORY OF OHIO - C. B. Galbreath [Chicago: American Historical Society, 1925]