John Erwin settled in the northwest corner of Pike Township about 1812, and purchased land there, for which a deed was recorded in September, 1814. He came here from Southern Ohio, and was probably the first settler in the west part of Pike Township, and he remained here till his death. He followed farming and stock-raising, was a man of excellent character, plain and unassuming in his habits, a devoted Presbyterian in faith, and a substantial and worthy citizen. He had a large family of children, who nearly all died early in life with consumption. One son, Amzi, or Amazi, settled on the home place and lived to quite an advanced age; he died May 14, 1879, aged eighty years. Several of his children reside in this vicinity. On the building of the railroad from Springfield to Delaware it passed through the corner of the township and his land, and a station was established called Erwin.


From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]