William Durflinger, farmer, P. O. Lilly Chapel, is a grandson of Henry Durflinger, a native of Germany, who came to America prior to the Continental war, in which he was a patriot. He settled lived and died in Virginia. Of his five children, Thomas, the father of our subject, and the second child, was born in Loudoun County, Va, in 1773, and died in Jefferson Township, Madison County, Ohio, in 1851. He was raised to farm life in his native State, where he married Susan Gouldsberry and about 1803, with one child, came to Ross County, Ohio. He bought land near the present town of Frankfurt, cleared and improved it and remained there until 1825, when the family settled in the Galaway Survey, of Jefferson Township, Madison County, and there bought 330 acres of land, on which one little field was cleared, but no house built. A log house was quickly erected, and they enjoyed the new home six years, when it was sold and another tract of land bought, most of which lies in the northeast corner of Fairfield Township. On this farm he died, having lived a widower from 1822. He was industrious and economical, was three times in life reduced to limited circumstances by placing confidence in those not worthy of the trust. He was the father of nine children. Of the survivors, William and Daniel are the only two living in this state. William was born November 15, 1812, in Ross County, Ohio, and, since 1828, was a resident in this township. He now owns 182 acres of good land. He was married, November 11, 1838, to Clarine, daughter of Levi Hann, by whom he had five children, viz., Mary, died July 14, 1841; George, Thomas; Sarah, deceased March 20, 1856, and Cash M. The youngest daughter now resides home. Mrs. Durflinger's parents, Levi and Sarah Hann, settled in Madison County about the same time of the Durflingers. They lived and died in Madison County. Their children were eight in number, one of whom, Jacob, died the next morning after settling in Jefferson Township. Their children all settled in Madison County, but one, who now resides in Indiana and one in Webb City, Mo. The other three are still residents of Madison County.


From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]