Democratic Nominee for Member of Congress

Orris E. Duff, the popular superintendent of the Sedalia Public Schools, and candidate for Congress in this, the Seventh District, is a self-made young man of sterling atributes [sic]. He was born in Fayette county  and spent his early years on a farm in that and in Madison county and attending the rural schools. He had a hard struggle to acquire his education unaided. After teaching country schools he accumulated sufficient means to take a course of study at Ohio Normal University, and then returned to school teaching again to acquire means to complete his college course. He has since graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science at the Lima college.

Prof. Duff has a warm social side to his character and is a consistent member of four secret orders. As a man he is looked up to in his community as an exponent of right living and industry. His ability to fill the important position to which he has been chosen by the Democratic party is unquestioned.


From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary - Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908