Occupying a high place at the Bar as well as in the community is A. T. Cordray. He is a native of Tuscarawas county, and was educated in New Philadelphia and the Normal University, Lebanon. He taught school and studied law. In 1891, he was admitted to the Bar and began practice in London. Taking a keen interest in politics and in all the affairs of the city, became mayor in 1903, and served two terms, during which service most everybody in town sat up and took notice. He was absolutely fearless in speech and action, and the way he did things won for him the title of the "Rooseveltian" mayor. Progress, improvement and a strenuous battle for the good were the characteristics. Mr. Cordray has been very successful as a lawyer, and his attainments reach beyond his profession. He is both scholar and student, energetic and resourceful in battle, correct in thought, prompt and certain in execution of a robust but genial temperament, enjoying the confidence of friends and clients and the esteem of all who know him.


From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary - Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908