Jeremiah Coonan, retired farmer, P.O. Rosedale. The subject of this sketch was born in January, 1837, in Kings County, Ireland. His parents were Thomas and Mary Coonan. In December, 1848, he emigrated to America, and arrived here in the following February, by way of New Orleans; he came to Cincinnati, where he remained one year, and then went to Dayton, Ohio, where he remained a short period. From Springfield he came to Liverpool, Madison County, where he now resides. In 1853, his parents emigrated to America and came to Springfield, Oho, where his father died; his mother then came to Liverpool, Madison County, where she remained until her decease. She had been twice married, her first husband, Mr. Edward Ferns, dying in Ireland. Mr. Coonan is a man of reliable character, and in a business transaction he always performs his part as per contract. He is a Democrat, and a member of the Catholic Church.


From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]