The subject of this sketch is a native of Union county, is the son of P. U. and Dorothy B. Cole, and was born in Marysville. His early education was obtained in the public schools. He graduated from the Ohio Wesleyan University in the classical course and studied law with his father, and after his admission to the Bar, engaged in the practice in Marysville and later in columbus. He was married in 1887 to Mary, daughter of Dr. William Morrow and Lucy E. Beach, and in 1900, moved to Madison county, where he engaged in farming.

Mr. Cole has about 1,000 acres of fertile soil within a few miles of London. His farm residence on the national pike near Somerford is one of the most attractive in that section, and is shown herein. Mr. Cole is an ardent Republican, a worker for party success, a successful farmer, and an active citizen, popular with all who know him, his interest in agriculture being such that it precludes his engaging in other pursuits.


From Madison Democrat 50th Anniversary - Published by the Madison Democrat, 1908