Darius Burnham was born in Hampton, Conn., May 10, 1791, married Lucretia Hunt September 12, 1819, emigrated toOhio and settled in Pike Township, Madison County, in the fall of 1820, on land where Orlo Stoddard now resides, and here he remained through life. Here he began in a log cabin — true pioneer style. To his first purchase of land he subsequently added more from time to time, till at the time of his death he owned about 760 acres of good land. He became the owner of the land upon which Liverpool is now located, and laid out and platted the town, which was given the name of Liverpool and had the same recorded at London. Mr. Burnham was an active, stirring business man; he engaged quite largely in raising stock and dairy business and was a true,k public spirited man, kind and benevolent, ever ready to aid all enterprises and improvements for the general public good. He served in nearly all of the offices of his township, and was a Justice of the Peace for many years. He died August 10, 1846. His wife was born February 18, 1798, and died May 22, 1878. They had eight children — John H., Henry, Anna L., Emiline S., Darius D., Achsa M., Lucius A. and Flora E., all now surviving except Acsha M., who died at Plain City.


From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]