Uri Beach, son of Uri, the pioneer Beach to Madison County, and his wife, Hannah (Noble) Beach, was born in Canaan Township, where Amity now stands, January 13, 1826. He received such education as the common schools and his limited facilities afforded. He was the oldest of the three brothers, and was left an orphan by the death of his father when only six years of age, and his services were early demanded in helping his mother care for a large family of children. His father organized a Sunday school in Canaan Township in 1826, and he also organized a subscription school in that township, for the support of which he was the most liberal of his means of any man in the township, and he probably imbued his little child with something of his own spirit and enterprise. On the 6th day of March, 1845, he married Eleanor Downing. born in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio, November 22, 1825, daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Hayden) Downing. He shortly thereafter purchased a farm, in Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio, adjoining the Jonathan Alder farm, but on the opposite side of Big Darby, where he continues to reside. He is an extensive shipper of live stock to Eastern markets, having made this enterprise a specialty for the past thirty years. He has been the Assessor of his township for twenty-five consecutive years. His children are Timothy Downing Beach, M, D., of Catawba, Clark County, Ohio; Isaac Beach, Plain City, Ohio; Eva Noble (Beach) Simms, A. B., wife of Rev. Joseph Simms, A. M. of the Northwest Ohio Conference, M. E. Church; Elizabeth Hayden (Beach) Converse, wife of Henry B. Converse, of Canaan Township; John, died in infancy; Mary Ettie, now in her junior year at Wesleyan Female College, Delaware, Ohio, and Uri.


From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]