Among all the residents of Oak Run Township, Madison County, none show greater aptitude for business transactions, or better judgment in the conduct of affairs, than Mr. Jefferson Chenoweth, who was born on the place which he now occupies, October 3, 1861. He is a son of Elijah and Susan (Pringle) Chenoweth, also natives of this county, and who are residing at the present time in Fairfield Township.

The father of our subject was born March 15, 1831, and is the son of John F. and Margaret Chenoweth. He received but little aid in a monied way from his father, and at one time had in his possession fourteen hundred acres of land, which was the direct result of his industry and good management. Our subject supplemented the knowledge gained in the schools of his locality by an attendance at Oberlin College, where be took a three-years' course in the literary department, and later was graduated from Bryant & Stratton's Business College. Returning home when twenty-three years of age, he gave his attention to handling stock, to which he was peculiarly adapted, and of whicli he has made a signal success.

The lady to whom our subject was married, December 2, 1885, was Miss Abbie M. Alexander. She was born in Clarksburg, this State, September 28, 1867, and is the daughter of the Rev. A. M. and Matilda (Armstrong) Alexander. She has been given a good education, and is a graduate of the public schools of Westerville, this State, where her marriage occurred. To Mr. and Mrs. Chenoweth have been born three children: Mary, who was born March 16, 1887; Max, August 3, 1889; and Pringle, June 19, 1891. Our subject received four hundred acres of land from his father, which he has improved, and erected thereon all the buildings which are to be found on a first-class estate.

A Republican in politics, Mr. Chenoweth cast his first Presidential vote for James G. Blaine, in 1884. He is very popular in his community, and in 1891 was elected Justice of the Peace, which office he is filling in a most satisfactory manner. With his wife, he is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and by his cordial and pleasing manners has gained the friendship of the best residents of the county.