Little is known of this gentleman or where he lived prior to his settlement in Madison County. He located with his family two miles and a half north of where London stands early in the present century, upon land now owned by William Morrow Beach, and on the erection of this county was elected County Commissioner, serving in that capacity from 1810 to 1815. He was Clerk of the board until June, 1812, and must have been a man of fair education, as most of his work in the Commissioners' journal is very creditable for those days, it is said that he never owned land in this county, or if so, a very small amount, but was merely a "squatter." After he was deprived of the Commissioner's office, he left the county, and as far as we know, was never heard of again.



From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]