Robinson Florence, farmer, P. O. London, was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, December 25, 1809. His father, William Florence, native of Virginia, and came to Pickaway County at an early day. He was a prominent farmer and stock raiser of that county during life, and accumulated a large property. His political opinions were Republican. He represented his district in the Ohio Legislature, and for many years was a Judge of the Common Pleas Court of that county. He married Fanny Robinson, a native of Virginia, and by her had eight children—five daughters and three sons—of whom only two are now living Mrs. Radcliff, of Illinois and our subject. Mrs. Florence died about 1819, and Mr. Florence married Mrs. Isabella (Barr) Denney, who had a family of four children—three daughters and one son. Her marriage to Mr. Florence was without issue. She died in 1852, he having died previously, while in his ninety sixth year. Our subject was raised on a farm and has made that occupation the work of his life. When twenty-three years of age, he married Elizabeth Williams, a native of Virginia, and a daughter of John and Mary (Phifer) Williams. She inherited one-fourth of 1,800 acres of Iand from her father, from which the young couple commenced their married life. By earnest and faithful labor, Mr. Florence has provided for a large family of children, and has accumulated sufficient property to enable him to live comfortably without work, for the remaining days of his life. He has sold a goodly part of his lands, now owning about 400 acres. He is a Republican in politics, but has never taken a very active part in politics, his official career consisting only of one term each as Township Trustee and Supervisor. He has had eleven children born to him, seven now living, viz.: Richard (ex-Treasurer of Madison County). William, Mary, Eliza, Fannie (widow of Rev. John B. Clark, deceased, of Pittsburgh, a Presbyterian minister and a Colonel in the Union army, during the rebellion), John, Charles and Edward. Mrs. F. has been a member of the Methodist Church many years.



From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY - W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883]