Robert D. Huggins is a son of James Huggins and Nancy (Bailey) Huggins, both natives of Pennsylvania. James Huggins was born in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, April 13, 1797. In 1818 he was married to Nancy Bailey, who died at West Alexandria, July 8, 1879, at the advanced age of eighty-one. He is still living in West Alexandria.

Dr. Huggins was born in New Lexington, Preble county, September 16, 1836. When he was six years old his father moved to West Alexandria, where Robert attended village school until 1850. His father then moved to Winchester, Indiana, at which place Robert enjoyed the privileges of a seminary one year. Upon the return of his father to West Alexandria, Robert again attended the village school. In 1853 he began the study of medicine in the office of Dr. R.P. Nisbet. He at the same time purchased a set of instruments and began the study and practice of dentistry. His dental practice for the next two years became quite large and yielded considerable income.

Robert had always cherished a desire for a liberal education, and in 1855 entered Miami university, then the most flourishing institution of learning in Ohio. At the end of the first year, however, he was compelled, by want of means, to quit the university. In the following October he entered the Cincinnati College of Medicine, from which he received the degree of M.D. in 1858. He began practice at West Alexandria, in partnership with Dr. Nisbet. During the four years of this partnership, which was terminated by the death of Dr. Nisbet, in 1862, Dr. Huggins acquired an enviable reputation in the community as a trustworthy physician. He continued to practice alone until 1867, when he associated in partnership W.M. Campbell. This partnership was dissolved in 1872.

The doctor was married March 25, 1866, to Mrs. Caroline Curry. The house is blessed with two children - William and Bertha.

Dr. Huggins is deservedly popular, both as a physician and citizen. He belongs to the Masonic and Odd Fellows orders, and is a member of the State Medical society. A large, healthy body, vigorous mind, and cheerful disposition, peculiarly fit him for his profession. He disclaims any political aspirations and takes no part in the management of political campaigns. The doctor has made himself what he is by untiring industry. His own labor furnished him the money with which to prepare for his profession, and his own merit maintains his high standing and large practice. 



History of Preble County, Ohio