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Harvey Danforth Goulder

Harvey Danforth Goulder was born in Cleveland March 7, 1853, a son of Christopher D. and Barbara (Freeland) Goulder. His father was a captain on the Great Lakes. He attended the Cleveland public schools, and at the age of sixteen completed the course in the Cleveland High School. The three summers before he graduated he was employed on lake vessels. After leaving school he sailed on the lakes each season, and gave his winters to further education and the study of law. He concluded his studies in the office of John E. Cary, a prominent marine lawyer, and was admitted to the bar in 1875. The circumstances of his early life required him to be self supporting, and it was that requirement which gave him his practical knowledge of seamanship and the many practical details of lake transportation, which knowledge has proved most valuable to him in his practices.

At present Mr. Goulder is head of the firm of Goulder, White and Garry, with offices in the Rockefeller Building.

Early he became a recognized authority in matters growing out of the lake transportation business, so that his professional services have been retained in much of the important litigation in the various courts having jurisdiction on the Great Lakes. Many of the finest legal minds in America have been attracted to the practice of admiralty law, and it is therefore not an empty distinction that Harvey D. Goulder ranks among the first in his profession in this country. He has served as general counsel of the Lake Carriers' Association, which was established in 1891, and has represented many other organizations having to do with lake navigation. Much of his work has been in the field of marine insurance. He is also general counsel of the Great Lakes Protective Association.

Mr. Goulder was actively identified with the old Board of Trade and Board of Industry of Cleveland. After the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce was organized he took a prominent part in its affairs, and in 1902 served as president.

Considering his comprehensive knowledge of Great Lakes transportation it was very natural that Mr. Goulder should have been sought and that his public spirit led him gladly into enterprises for the improvement and amplification of the channels and facilities of the Great Lakes, their connecting rivers and canals, and their harbors. In connection with such matters he appeared with others before various congressional committees and other bodies in support of legislation and movements directly dealing with the development of the Great Lakes waterways and harbors. The securing of a twenty-foot channel through the Great lakes and into the principal harbors, successful opposition to bridge and piers in Detroit River, obstruction of navigation at Sault Ste. Marie, the National Water Ways Congress, efforts for American Merchant Marine are movements with which his name will always be associated. These improvements more than anything else permitted the development of lake transportation by the construction of large vessels and increased the volume of traffic while decreasing its cost. Many heads of departments in Washington whose duties are related to the inland navigation of the continent have frequently valued the advice of this Cleveland lawyer. He has gained the reputation of being a forceful and instructive speaker, a man who says what he knows and with a clearness and discrimination that make his addresses occasions of public interest and moment. He is also the author of several articles that have been widely published.

Along with his practice Mr. Goulder has been director in various business corporations. He is a member of the Union Club, Country Club, Rowfant Club, Cleveland Yacht Club and Gentleman's Driving Club, all of Cleveland; of the Detroit Club of Detroit; and the Ellicott and Transportation clubs of Buffalo. In politics he is a republican.

On November 11, 1878, Mr. Goulder married Miss Mary F. Rankin, whose father, Rev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., was at one time pastor of the First Congregational Church at Washington, D. C. Mrs. Goulder died in 1913. In 1915 Mr. Goulder married Mrs. Seabury C. Ford.


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