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J. W. Haigler

The Haigler family trace their ancestry back to the little mountainous republic of Switzerland. J. W. Haigler, whose history is presented in this connection, is the fourth in direct line from the first member of the family to come to this country. The name of the first member of the family to settle in America has been lost, but it is known that he was married before coming to this country and that he settled in Pennsylvania and reared a large family of children who located in Hadry and Pendleton counties, Virginia, upon reaching manhood and marrying. One of the several children born to this first member of the family to come to Virginia was William, who is the great-grandfather of J. W. Haigler. William Haigler married Magdalena Whitzel and located in Virginia, where he reared a large family.

A family of fourteen children were born to William Haigler and wife: Phoebe, the wife of Jesse Harper; John, who married Phoebe Skidmore; Anna, the wife of Eli Brand; Christina, the wife of Jonathan Nelson; Elizabeth, the wife of Jesse Buckbee; Jacob, who married Christina Harper; Mary, the wife of Michael Carr ; Susan, the wife of George Miller; George, who married and had at least two sons, George and Zebdee ; Henry, who removed to Canada; Jehu and Martin, concerning whom nothing is known; William and Clara, who died in childhood. John Haigler, the second child, who became the grandfather of J. W. Haigler, lived for a time in West Virginia, and spent his declining years in Labette county, Kansas. John Haigler and wife were the parents of six children: Elijah, the father of J. W., whose career is set forth later on; Morgan, who married Elizabeth Armentrout; James, who married Edith Speakman; Rebecca, the wife of George H. Kyle; Levina, the wife of C. Smith, and Lucinda, the life of Jehu Judy.

Elijah M. Haigler was born in Pendleton county. West Virginia, September 26, 1826, and came to Fayette county, Ohio, when he was a young man of twenty-one. He only remained in Fayette county for a short time and then returned to West Virginia, and a year later returned to Fayette county and became interested in the raising of live stock. He was married in 1859 to Letitia Hays, and to this union were born five children: John W., Mrs. Julia Kennedy, Albert, Charles and Mrs. Jennie Todhunter.

John W. Haigler, the oldest child of Elijah M. and Letitia (Hays) Haigler, was born on the farm where Albert Haigler is now living. May 28, 1862. He went to school for a time in Fayette county and later went to Virginia, where he attended school in Rockingham county and then completed his education by attending college at Lebanon, Ohio. At the age of twenty-two he began farming for himself by renting land from his father. After renting a few years he bought his present farm of seventy-seven acres about twelve miles from the county seat. He is a stock raiser and keeps a high grade of stock on his farm at all times.

Mr. Haigler was married on Christmas day, 1894. to Emma L. Heironimous, the daughter of Joshua G. and Phoebe (Hutchinson) Heironimous, and to this union have been born three children : Nellie Letitia, Candace Marie and Elijah Mori, deceased. Both of the daughters are graduates of the Jeffersonville high school.

Politically, Mr. Haigler is identified with the Republican party and has always been more or less interested in local politics. He has been a member of the school board of his township, as well as township assessor, filling these positions in a satisfactory manner to his fellow citizens. He and his family are consistent and loyal members of the Methodist Episcopal church, in whose welfare they are greatly interested. Mr. Haigler is a trustee of his local denominatian.


From History of Fayette County Ohio - Her People, Industries and Institutions by Frank M. Allen (1914, R. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.)