Mahlon Anderson, blacksmith and farmer, is the second of three sons born to Levi and Nancy (Brown) Anderson, of Ohio. His grandparents were from Virginia, but came to Ohio, and settled near Chillicothe, in an early day.

Our subject was born June 13, 1832, and having learned the trade of a blacksmith in the years of his minority, has devoted his life mainly to hard work at the anvil and bellows. He was married, June 8, 1856, to Helen Fulton, first daughter of John W. and Phoebe (Lyons) Fulton, of Ross County. To them have been born five children: Alfred A., born June 20, 1857; Nancy Ann, born May 6, 1859; William H., born May 31, 1861; Charlie, born September 30, 1872; Clara, born March 25, 1875. All are yet alive, and in good health.

He established himself in Waterloo, in the year 1852, and in all these years has attended carefully to business, and, as a consequence, has prospered. He possesses a nice home in the village, besides some farm lands elsewhere. Their daughter, Nancy A., married Christopher Hanawalt, in February, 1876. Alfred married Ella Crabb, in January, 1880.


From R. S. Dills' History of Fayette County