GEN. WM. ARMSTRONG was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1798. His first wife was Harriet McMillen. His second wife was Catharine King. He is now living with his third wife, Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Joanna McClellan. She was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, February 11, 1808. Gen. Armstrong is the son of John and Elizabeth Armstrong. He has one brother, Martin Armstrong. Mrs. Armstrong has two brothers, Wm. and Andrew McClellan, and one sister, Hannah. Gen. Armstrong's children are John M. (deceased), James A., Margaret A. (deceased), Emeline E., Capt. Martin Armstrong (killed at the battle of Shiloh), William K. and Harriet C. In 1841 Gen. Armstrong came to this county, in 1843 he was elected Brigadier General of Ohio Militia; in 1854 he was elected County Treasurer; and re-elected in 1858; and in 1869 he was elected Representative in the State Legislature, in which office he served two years.


1875 Historical Atlas of Allen County, Ohio by H H Hardesty & Co. Publishers, Chicago.