Hon. Charles H. Adkins, one of the leading members of the bar of Allen County, senior member of the well-known law firm of Adkins & Armstrong, of Lima, and formerly Representative in the State Legislature from Allen County, was born July 29, 1867, in Pickaway County, Ohio, and is a son of Hon. Barzillai and Louise (Fissell) Adkins, who had a family of 13 children.

The father of Mr. Adkins was born in Ross County, but when three years old was taken to Pickaway County, where he has since resided, and become one of the county's substantial men and prominent politicians. A rather unusual occurrence was that both he and his son, our subject, served in the same sessions of the Legislature, the father from Pickaway County and the son from Allen.

Charles H. Adkins was educated in the schools of Pickaway County and studied law at the Ohio Normal University. He was admitted to the bar in 1892. Our subject has always been a prominent factor in Democratic politics. In 1897 he was first elected a member of the State Legislature and in 1899 he was reelected; at the end of his second term he was a candidate for congress. He is looked upon as one of the able lawyers and astute politicians of the county, and has ever reason to look forward to a long and successful public career.

Mr. Adkins was united in marriage with Lora G. Mathews, a daughter of Roland G. Mathews of Harding County, Ohio, and they have two children Harold M . and Helen. Mr. Adkins and family attend the Methodist Episcopal Church. They have a pleasant home at No. 515 North Jameson avenue. Fraternally Mr. Adkins is an Elk.



From History of Allen County, Ohio  and Representative Citizens, Edited by Charles C. Miller. Richmond & Arnold, Publishers, Chicago, 1906