Calvin Heath is well and favorably known, not only in Elida, where he conducts one of the finest meat markets in this part of Ohio, but throughout the entire county of Allen, having been engaged in extensive business transactions here during the past seven years. Mr. Heath was born August 15, 1857, in Cumberland County, Illinois, and is a son of Joseph Heath, now many years deceased, who was at one time successfully engaged in the butcher business.

When Calvin Heath was nine years of age, the family moved to the State of Missouri, remaining there but one year when they returned east, locating in Champaign County, Ohio. That was before the day of the lighting express and the journey was made by them in covered wagons. Mr. Heath was educated in Champaign County and there grew to manhood. As soon as he was large enough, he worked by the month as a farm hand for several years and later engaged in farming on his own behalf. In 1898 he engaged in the butcher business at Elida and also bought and sold stock quite extensively, meeting with success in both lines of work. In addition to running one of the best markets in the county, he ships cattle, hogs and sheep to supply the Pittsburg market and has made Elida widely known as a shipping point of importance.

In 1881 Mr. Heath was married to Phoebe Molenhour and four children have been born to them, namely: Hazel; Oliver, who is associated in business with his father, Minnie and Ira. Mrs. Heath had three brothers in the Civil War. Her father, Henry Molenhour, was a locksmith and followed that occupation for more than 50 years, being so employed at the time of his death seven years ago. Mr. Heath has been a member of the Elida Town Council for the past five years. He has been an honored member of the United Brethren Church for 18 years and for a number of those years has served on the Board of Trustees. When it was decided to erect a new church in Elida, B. F. Sherrick, Rev. Sords, the pastor, and Calvin Heath were appointed as the building Committee and have carefully superintended the work which is now in process of erection, and will soon be ready for dedication, at which time Elida will have a church that will be a credit and an ornament to the entire community.