Alfred B. Myers, a son of James Myers and Salina Howard, his wife, was born in Union Township, Brown County, Ohio, March 25, 1855. The paternal grandfather of our subject, John Myers, came from Pennsylvania to Brown County in pioneer days and settled on the old McClain farm near Ripley. Here James Myers was born in August, 1819. He grew to man's estate and married Salina, a daughter of Abner Howard, a prominent farmer of Union Township. James Myers was an industrious and frugal husbandman, and became one of the wealthy men of his community. He died July 2, 1892, his faithful wife having gone before, April 11, 1890.

On January 24, 1876, Alfred B. Myers was united in marriage to Miss Melissa Tumbleson, daughter of Abel and Mary Higgins Tumbleson, of Sprigg Township, Adams County. Mr. and Mrs. Tumbleson were devout and earnest members of the Christian or "New Light" Church, and their home was the stopping place for Elder Mathew Gardner, Rev. William Pangburn, and other fathers of the church.

To Alfred B. Myers and his wife were born James W., deceased, a son who died in infancy, and Clifton G., a bright young man now at home with his mother, the father having died in Brown County, November 14, 1883. In 1886, his widow removed to Sprigg Township, Adams County, where she now resides.


From "History of Adams County, Ohio from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time" - by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers - West Union, Ohio - Published by E. B. Stivers - 1900