Recompense Murphy was born in Pitts' Grove, Salem County, New Jersey, in 1774. He emigrated to Ohio in 1805, coming down the river in a flat-boat. He had been married in New Jersey to Catherine Newkirk. Her grandfather was David Whittaker, and he and his wife followed Recompense Murphy to Ohio.

Our subject located the first summer on the Ohio River, at the mouth of Turkey Creek, in Scioto County. After that, he went to Sandy Springs, Adams County, where he bought land and farmed. He built a brick house on his land near the river front, which has long since disappeared, having been destroyed by the encroachments of the Ohio River. He had a brother William who came with him from New Jersey, but removed to Illinois, were he died. Samuel Murphy, another brother, located near Franklin, Ohio. Mary, a sister, married Samuel Swing, whose son David, was the father of the celebrated Professor Swing, of Chicago. Our subjcqt had a brother, John, who remained in New Jersey. Another sister, Elizabeth, married a Mr. Ogden and lived at Fairmount, near Cincinnati.

The children of Recompense Murphy were David Whittaker Murphy, born in 1800, of whom a separate sketch appears, Jacob Murphy, who located in Whiteside County, Illinois, and retaining the Presbyterian faith of his mother, became an elder in the church there; Recompense Sherry Murphy, who lived and died at Sandy Springs; Samuel M. Murphy, of Garrison's, Kentucky, now deceased; John Murphy, who resides near Quincy, Kentucky; William, who emigrated to California; Robert, who died at the age of eighteen; Rebecca, wife of Simon Truitt, who resides at Agricola, Coffey County, Kansas, at the age of eighty-seven ; Rachel Warring, who removed to Posey County, Indiana; Catherine Cox, widow of Martin Cox, who resides at Rome, Ohio, and is the mother of Mrs. Rev. J. W. Dillon, of Portsmouth, Ohio, and Mary Ann Baird, wife of Harvey Baird, who removed to Illinois.

Recompense Murphy's first wife was a Presbyterian, a member of the Sandy Springs Church from 1826 until her death, June 30, 1832. Recompense Murphy was married a second time to Matilda Ives, a widow, whose maiden name was Fuller, a native of Broome County, New York. Her father was at one time a member of the General Assembly of that State. She was a shrewd, keen Yankee. Some time in the sixties, she removed to her home in New York and died there.

Recompense Murphy died November 18, 1844. He made his will February 25, 1837. It was witnessed by Socrates Holbrook, Robert W. Robb, Isaac Carr and J. D. Redden. It was proven December 20, 1844, in Adams County. He gave his mansion house and one-third of his farm to his wife. He mentioned all of his children, but having already provided for four of his sons, he provided in the will for the remaining sons and two daughters. The document indicates that he was a just man. He was a member of the Sandy Springs Baptist Church, joining the same after his second marriage, and died in that faith. He was an excellent citizen and aimed to do his part in every respect in his place in the world and his cotemporaries have left the record that accomplished what he undertook. His descendants are living witnesses that his training produced the best results.


From "History of Adams County, Ohio from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time" - by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers - West Union, Ohio - Published by E. B. Stivers - 1900