Capt. David Asbury Murphy, of Oxford, Ohio, the oldest son of David W. and Cynthia A. Murphy, was born on a farm at Shamrock, Adams County, Ohio, April 3, 1842. He was married at Portsmouth, Ohio, September 18, 1865, to Miss Jennie M. Ball.

Army Record: Private. Company H, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1862-4; First Lieutenant and Adjutant, 184th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1865 ; Acting Assistant Adjutant General on Staff of Brevet Brigadier
General Henry S. Commager, at Bridgeport, Alabama, 1865. Editor: The Kentucky and Ohio Union, Portsmouth, Ohio, 1861-2;
The Danville, Kentucky, Tribune, 1880-6; The Findlay, Ohio, Tribune, 1887-8.

Superintendent of Construction of U. S. Public Buildings : Frankfort, Kentucky, 1883-5; Jefferson, Texas, 1889-90; Clarksville, Tennessee, 1887-8.

Author of: "My Mother's Bible," "Serenade to McKinley," and "God-given Republic."

The God-Given Republic.
The modern Republic, salubrious its clime,
Its domain extends from sea unto sea ;
Its valleys are fruitful and its mountains sublime,
As merry song-birds, its children are free.
Happy are the thrifty beneath its flag unfurled,
America, God's land, the garden of the world !
The mighty Republic, intelligence its goal,
The people their will by ballots decree;
Justice ana good laws the masses guard and control,
Freedom, man's birthright, brooks no tyranny.
Homesteads for the homeless beneath its flag unfurled,
America, God's land, the refuge of the world !
The matchless Republic, fraternity its sun,
All may worship God as conscience dictates ;
Equal rights unto all, special grants unto none,
The Federal Union holds forty- five States.
Brotherhood and free speech beneath its flag unfurled,
America, God's land, the Canaan of the world !


From "History of Adams County, Ohio from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time" - by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers - West Union, Ohio - Published by E. B. Stivers - 1900