John Newman was born near Peebles, in Adams County, June 10, 1863. His father was Harrison Newman, and his mother, Mary Mitchell. They had six sons and five daughters, and our subject was the fifth child. In 1874, his father left Adams County and located in the Black Oak Bottoms in Lewis County, Kentucky, opposite Buena Vista. After residing there a year, he returned to Adams County and remained three years. Then he tried Kansas for eight months in 1878, but concluded Ohio was better than Kansas and returned to Scioto County. There our subject began life on his own account. He began work for John Williams on his farm west of  Rarden, and so well did he and Mr. Williams get along that on September 29, 1887, he married his daughter, Eliza C, and lived on the same farm until Mr. Williams' death in July, 1891. When the farm was sold in the course of administration, he bid it in and continued to reside there until all the buildings were destroyed by fire. After that, he purchased property in Rarden, where he now resides. He has four children living, all sons, Walter C, William, Alty Denver, and Hershel.

Mr. Newman has one of the best farms in the Scioto Brush Creek Valley and is an excellent farmer. He is a Democrat by birthright and on his own account. He is fearless in the discharge of any duty and is a good citizen, self-respecting, and respected by his neighbors.


From "History of Adams County, Ohio from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time" - by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers - West Union, Ohio - Published by E. B. Stivers - 1900