David Nixon, proprietor of the Nixon Hotel, at Peebles, was born October 12, 1842, in Meigs Township, Adams County, two and a half miles south of Peebles. His parents were married in Loudon County, Virginia, May 26, 1831. Their names were James Nixon and Susan Potts. They came to Adams County in 1837.

Our subject's grandfather, George Nixon, was born in Loudon County, Virginia, August 12, 1799, and resided there all his life. David Nixon was reared a farmer's son, and had the usual common school training. He enlisted in Company E, of the 70th O. V. I., November 1, 1861, at the age of nineteen. He was made a Corporal, July 14, 1864, and a Sergeant, January 24, 1865. He veteranized in 1864, and was mustered out August 14, 1865. To have been a Corporal and Sergeant in this company was a greater honor than a commission in many other companies. John T. Wilson was the first Captain of this company, Dr. John Campbell, its First Lieutenant and Joseph Spurgeon, its Second Lieutenant. This company was as near a successor to Cromwell's Ironsides as any company could be. The Captain was fifty years of age when he was enrolled. . There were four others in the company over fifty years old. There were four over forty, and a number of them discounted their ages to get in. The regiment was in fifteen battles and numerous skirmishes. Nixon was found at the front all the time and made a first-class reputation as a soldier. When he returned from the war, he engaged in farming. On February 21, 1867, he was married to Mary Ann Eakins, daughter of Joseph and Mary (McNeill) Eakins. Joseph Eakins was a son of 'Squire John Eakins. When the town of Peebles was established in April, 1882, David Nixon was the first to build a house, the present Nixon Hotel, and the best in the place. It will always be the best as long as Nixon is in the business. There is an old adage, "He knows how to keep hotel." Whoever is the author of that must have had David Nixon in his mind.

In politics, he is a Democrat. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been several times Justice of the Peace of his township and was Mayor of Peebles for three years. He was elected Township Treasurer in 1897. His children are James Nelson, partner in the furniture store of Davis & Nixon. He was married to Florence Custer. Our subject's daughter, Susan Anabel, is the wife of Prof. Albert C. Hood, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. His daughter, Cora Elizabeth, is the wife of Ira A. King, of Peebles. He has three daughters, Pearl Merrila, Ora Alice and Mary Josephine, and one son, Albert Valie, at home. David Nixon believes in doing the duty nearest him. He is a quiet, inoffensive citizen and a good neighbor. He is of easy temper and disposition, but when required to act is as firm and determined.

When the Recording Angel has his record made up, we venture it will compare favorably with the best.


From "History of Adams County, Ohio from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time" - by Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers - West Union, Ohio - Published by E. B. Stivers - 1900