On pages 226 and 227 of this work, we have given a sketch of the above named gentleman as a member of the bar of Adams County. In that sketch we mentioned Mr. Blair as a power in the Democratic party. Since that sketch was completed and laid aside, about September 1, 1900, Mr. Blair changed his party relations, and has become an active Republican, making many public speeches favoring the re-election of President McKinlev. It is due to Mr. Blair that he should go down to posterity as of the political faith he professed when this book was closed. Therefore we have noted the change of political faith made by him, and give him credit for honesty of purpose in the change. Mr. Blair will always he found where his honest convictions take him. and will be a power to any organization to which he attaches himself. We bid him godspeed in his new departure, as we would had the case been reversed.