My mother was born a Tucker. Her family legend was that the Tuckers were Scotch Irish Quakers and that one of the family members married a relative of President John Adams.I have uncovered a great deal about the Tuckers over the last 10 years of researching, but have neither proved or disproved ALL of these legends. For certain I have traced our line of Tuckers to Washington County, Pennsylvania.By all accounts the claim to Quakerism is verified by Beers History although a change of doctrine must have taken place as the Church pictured above is called the Tucker M.E. Church (also called the Old Stone Church). It was built on land which was donated by my 6th great grandfather John Tucker.Beers History of Washington County states, "The old Tucker farm was 7 miles south of Washington Twp. Johnathon Tucker donated land to the Methodist Church Which was then named Tucker Methodist Church." Many Tuckers are buried in the Church Cemetery. A list of Tuckers who rest here ,transcribed by Leslie of the Washington Co,PA. mailing list follows:

TUCKER Henrietta 11-29-1833 96y

TUCKER John d 4-4-1831 100years old owner of the land the church was built on

TUCKER Martin 9-12-1816 11-19-1880

TUCKER Jane 4-4-1823 11-7-1893

TUCKER Mary jane dau. of j & e 11-23-1868 20y

TUCKER Rachel 2-9-1867 67y

TUCKER Margaret dau. of Jonathan & Elizabeth 2-21-1860

TUCKER Westley son of Jonathan & Elizabeth 2-21-1860

TUCKER Charlie c son of j & e 7-20-1867 3m

TUCKER Margaret wife of Jonathan 12-15-1857 79y

TUCKER Jonathan 10-26-1854 83y

TUCKER Henrietta 7-31-1832 28y

TUCKER Catherine 5-25-1830 20y

I have not yet connected all of these people to my tree, although the likelihood that they are all related is strong.

Tucker researcher Kim Dresser recently sent this to me from Beers

Prior to 1770 there came from Maryland one John Tucker, who, after the Government survey, took up 400 acres of what is known as the "Grace tract" in Hanover township, having made improvements on a tomahawk claim,** several years in advance of the Government survey.

Johns' land warrant was made Jan 4, 1778 but was not approved until 1812. He named his plot of land which laid near Harmon Creek "GRACE".

He was a large man and as straight as an Indian, a despiser of the lazy man and the rascal, and was an honest Quaker. Before coming here his first wife died, leaving two sons, Rev. Samuel, who was killed by Indians while en route to Kentucky, and John, who moved to Ohio. He married his second wife shortly before leaving Maryland, and she, with the two sons, accompanied him to this county. There were two daughters born to this second marriage, who became Mrs. Ralston and Mrs. Sadler, respectively. Jonathan, the eldest son of the second marriage, was born in Fort Vance during an Indian raid in 1771. Thomas, the fourth child, moved to Ohio; David was the youngest. John Tucker was the founder of Tucker's Church, which was built in 1823, and which is yet known by that name. He was among the earliest residents of this county, from whom the majority of the families of this name in Hanover township are descended. Many were the trials and struggles endured by this old pioneer, of which, did space permit, we would gladly give a detailed description. He lived to the ripe old age of one hundred years, and was buried in the Tucker's Church cemetery, where his wife was also interred.

The tax lists of 1790 show Johnathon still in the County and owning 100 acres, 4 horses, 3 cows, 5 sheep and no slaves.

In 1812 several of Johns children headed "out west"to Ohio. This included my 4th greatgrandparents John and Catherine Tucker and my 3rd ggrandfather who was a babe in arms. He was Thomas W. Tucker who in 1834 married Sarah Van Aken. The farmland they acquired was tamed by hardwork and bravery. Ohio was a rugged forested landscape and home to rattlesnakes, bears and panthers. The lumber was so plentiful that full trees would be rolled into monumental piles and set afire to be rid of them. It was not unheard of that the plow would turn over the graves of indians who had recently inhabited the area.

The History of Richland County by A.A. Grahm placed this biography of Thomas

TUCKER, THOMAS, farmer ; P. O. Savannah ; he was born in Washington Co., Penn., Jan. 12, 1812; he is a son of John and Catherine Tucker, and removed with his parents to Richland Co., in what is now Ashland Co., Orange Township, in 1815. Mr. Tucker is one of a family of nine children, of whom he is the eighth; he remained at home on the farm until he was married, in December, 1831, to Sarah Vananken, who was born in Pike Co., Penn., in 1810, July 24. After the marriage, he entered 80 acres of the present farm, and moved the May following his marriage into a cabin that was very poorly built. They lived at the mercy of the mosquitos about a month, until they could get their cabin finished. Mr. Tucker can recall many incidents of pioneer life, and has cleared a great deal of land in his time. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker have raised eight children, seven of whom are living-James L., T. A:, Sarah J., J. C., Margaret M., D. V., Martha and Nancy A. D. V. Tucker was born Jan. 7,1846; was married is December, 1877, to Miss A. C. Fackler, daughter of Henry and Catharine Fackler, of Butler Township. Mr. sad Mrs. Tucker have one child-F. Tucker. After D. V. Tucker's marriage, he settled on the old homestead now a highly improved farm,

His obituary which is in the frontspeice of the THOMAS TUCKER BIBLE says

TUCKER, Thomas W. died Oct 31 1884 of urinal Butler twp, Richland Co. Ohio, 72y,9m,9d.Born in Washington Co. PA. 12/1812 and came with his family to Orange Co., Ashland Ohio in 1814 then a child. Married Dec 29. 1831, she now deceased. Spring 1832 he located on a farm the same on which he died, 4 mi. west of Savannah. He was father of 8, 4 boys and 4 girls all living except 1 who died in childhood.Charter member of Church of Christ in Butler. He aimed all his work by laws of God. He loved his church & gave himself for it. Kind neighbor.Republican, Good buisness man. Funeral services by Elder J.G. Ansell Pastor C.O.C. in Clearcreek at Shenandoah, Richland Co Ohio Rural Cemetery. . Bible in possession of Cyrene Mowry and Alice Fackler.

One of his children was Thomas A. Tucker who married Elizabeth McMillan. He was a farmer and well known for his excellent draft horses. Plat maps of his property can be veiwed here

A.A.Grahm had this to say about Thomas A. Tucker.

TUCKER, THOMAS A., farmer; P. O. Savannah; he was born in Richland Co., is 1836, June 26, and is a son of Thomas end Sarah Tucker, of Butler Township; he remained at home until he was married is August, 1870, to Elisabeth McMillen, of Butler Township. The next spring he settled on his prevent farm. In the northeast part of the township. Mr. Tucker has paid the most of his attention to farming, although he has been to the West a few times to buy stock for the market. He has paid some attention to raising heavy draft horses, and has some at present that will rank among the finest is the county. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker have two sons-Charles M. and Robert H.

Charles M. Tucker married Luella May Backensto. They are my greatgrandparents.

I am happy to communicate with other researchers and am always open to correction.


Adario United Methodist Cemetery in Butler Twp. Richland County lists these internments


Tucker, Bessie P. 1893 1984 w/o George W. --

Tucker, Dale 1918 1921 - --

Tucker, Eliza Gribben 5/15/1839 4/10/1909 w/o Gloyd R. Gribben --

Tucker, Ethel M. 1890 1983 w/o Harry C. --

Tucker, George W. 1892 1945 h/o Bessie P. --

Tucker, Gerald E. 8/29/1921 8/24/1988 WWII; h/o Ruth I. --

Tucker, Golden L. 1884 1963 w/o Otis V. --

Tucker, Harry C. 1890 1967 h/o Ethel M. --

Tucker, Hermie E. 1859 1939 w/o W. Albert --

Tucker, Otis V. 1885 1949 h/o Golden L. --

Tucker, Ronald 1924 1924 - --

Tucker, Ruth I. 9/6/1919 4/23/1999 w/o Gerald E. --

Tucker, Violet 1918 1918 - --

Tucker, Virginia P. 1919 1985 w/o Harry E. --

Tucker, W. Albert 1858 1938 h/o Hermie E.

transcribed by Amy Armstrong

Old Shenandoah Cemetery

Tucker, Fremont Z. 1894 1987 h/o Grace M. AEA

Tucker, Grace M. 1898 1954 w/o Fremont Z. AEA

and other family members at Old Shenandoah are

Urich, Christian - 4/1/1886 85y, 9d; h/o Elizabeth AEA

Urich, Christopher 1841 1866 Civil War SMB

Urich, Elizabeth - 1/13/1881 79y, 4m, 29d; w/o Christian AEA

Urich, Jane - 8/27/1901 75y, 8m, 15d; w/o John AEA

Urich, John - 9/23/1894 71y, 11m, 15d; h/o Jane AEA

Urich, Minnie A. 1872 1954 w/o Wilson C. AEA

Urich, Salama - 1864 d/o A. & L. AEA

Urich, Wilson C. 1859 1962 h/o Minnie A. AEA

Urie, Sarah - 10/10/1874 26y, 9m, 25d; w/o G.W. AEA

VanAken, Arabella 1858 1918 w/o Nelson AEA

VanAken, Mellie 1888 1888 d/o Nelson & Arabella AEA

VanAken, Nelson 1859 1945 h/o Arabella AEA

Aulger, Eva May 1898 1998 - SMB

Aulger, Helen McCormic 1908 1961 - SMB

Aulger, Raymond Leonard 1905 1996 - SMB

Aulger, William David 1932 1932 - SMB

Backensto, Anthony J. 1851 1932 h/o Matilda J. SMB

Backensto, Emma 2/17/1861 - w/o John E. SMB

Backensto, David H. 1831 1912 - SMB

Backensto, Jacob - 11/23/1896 73y, 4m, 17d SMB

Backensto, John E. 3/23/1856 9/26/1911 h/o Emma SMB

Backensto, Matilda Jane 1851 1924 w/o Anthony J. SMB

Pleasant Valley Lutheren Cemetery: Richland Co Ohio

Tucker, Aurelius 1828 1897 h/o Isabella

Tucker, Isabella 1826 1894 w/o Aurelius

Tucker, Jerry C. 3/17/1862 7/30/1928 h/o Laura A.

Tucker, Laura A. 11/6/1862 6/13/1940 w/o Jerry C.

Bromfield Cemetery, Malabar Farm, Richland County Ohio

Tucker, Laura M d/o A&I d. 6 Jul 1851 0-0-22

Tucker, Lillie M d/o A&I d. 3 Feb 1860 0-10-2

Tucker, Sarah d/o A&I d. 20 Mar 1867 5-10-18

Tucker, William s/o A&I (rest of stone illegible) transcribed by Richland

County UsGenweb

** Under the tomahawk claim, the state permitted settlers to claim 440 acres of land by cutting the corner trees of the desired lot down or blazing a tree in a corner of the property and then carving their initials on its trunk. After a period of time this claim would be recognized by the government and made legal. Sometimes this was land owned by indians. George Washington and Ebeneezer Zane are rumored to have acquired a lot of acreage with this method.


Author: Randi Bowles Meentzen