ANNA BARBARA PAULINE SCHNEIDER  was born 1833 in  Franklin township, Brown Co. Ohio.  Her parents Jacob Schneider and Elizabeth Schilbel of Hoheinod, Germany had not been in America long when she was born. Her parents settled in Franklin township, Brown Co. Ohio. But they were not alone.  Anna Barbara's Grandfather, Uncles and Aunts had also immigrated to Franklin township.  Many other families, also from Rheinpfalz Germany, had settled there as well.  They all attended the Peace Lutheran Church in Arnheim Ohio where the services were conducted in German.

Oral history has it that Anna Barbara's parents were dairy farmers.  If so, she must have spent a great deal of her youth helping with the milking.  In Germany traditionally milking was the responsibilty of the daughters.  This meant getting up before dawn every morning to milk the cows, and then milking them every evening. Anna Barbara also surely helped with the making butter and cheese which was the main products of dairy farms before refrigeration.  At the age of 28, on November 12, 1861 Anna Barbara married JOHN KIESEWETTER a new-comer to the community from Austria.  He was recently widowed and had a nine year old daughter.  Anna Barbara and John stayed in the German settlement and attended the Lutheran German speaking church.  They made their living farming.

ANNA BARBARA SCHNEIDER and JOHN KIESEWETTER had four children who lived to adulthood. They were:

JOHN JACOB KIESEWETTER, b. October 24, 1864, Washington Twp., Brown Co., OH.

ROSINA MARGARET KIESEWETTER, b. 1866, Washington Twp., Brown Co., OH.

FRANK WILLIAM KIESEWETTER, b. June 17, 1868, Washington Twp., Brown Co., OH.

CAROLINE BARBARA KIESEWETTER, b. August 19, 1870, Washington Twp., Brown Co., OH.

During the Civil War  their stable of horses at their homestead in Sardinia, Ohio was under threat of expropriation by raiding confederate soldiers. Anna Barbara let horses loose so they couldn't be rounded up. The soldiers didn't get the horses, but did take all their food. Anna Barbara was widowed in 1888.  She died September 25, 1904 of cancer at the age of 76 in Franklin Twp., Brown Co., OH.


Written and researched by  Linda Rawles