M.W.Cook, post-office Oxford; son of John Cook; born in Carroll county, OH July 16, 1838. Removed with his father’s family to Oxford in 1851. He was married to Hester Talbott, of Iowa County, in 1859. They have four children, three sons and one daughter: John H., Milton W., Arthur T. and Ella L. He began teaching in the public schools at the age of nineteen and has taught twenty-nine terms in twenty-five years. He enlisted in the 28th Iowa Infantry, at Marengo, in August, 1862. Served in the southwest and gulf departments till 1864, when the regiment was called to Virginia, and participated in the Shenandoah Valley campaign. He was severely wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1964, “with Sheridan twenty miles away;” discharged on account of wounds and returned to his home in Iowa County in 1865. Was nominated for representative by his soldier friends and declined to become the regular republican nominee. Removed to Nebraska in 1866, and served as county surveyor one year in Johnson County, Nebraska and taught school three years in Hillsdale Nebraska. Returned to Iowa in 1871, and engaged in teaching and farming till 1876; then taught in Davenport township, Scott County, three years. Returned to Oxford in 1879 and located on the old Cook homestead. He has been for many years a contributor to the press, giving special attention to educational matters and the temperance cause; wrote the “Annals of Oxford” in 1881, for publication in the Oxford “Journal”. His educational advantages consisted of the common school training in the public schools of Ohio till twelve years of age, and four months in the schools of Iowa subsequently with a course in a normal school for soldiers, at the hospital in Philadelphia, while being treated for the wound received at Cedar Creek.   The two circumstances of his life which he regards as most creditable are his services as a soldier and his advocacy of the cause of temperance in the campaign of 1882, which gave to Iowa the prohibitory amendment.


History of Johnson County Iowa 1836-1882