BRICE H. SHEETS, No. 2-is a son of William and Elizabeth (Henry) Sheets, who came to this county in 1806.  his father was born in 1795 and died in 1871, aged 76 years; and his mother was born in 1793, and died March 2, 1864, aged 71years.  The subject of this sketch was born in this county on the farm where he now resides, February 28, 1834, and he was married in this county to Samantha Wilcoxon, who was born in Carroll county, Ohio, Mary 21, 1834.  She is a daughter of Henry H. and Nancy A. (Legget) Wilcoxen, she came to this county from Maryland in 1842.  Her father was born May 2, 1807, and died October 12, 1879; her mother was born November 9, 1812, and died December 30, 1852.  The family of Mr. Sheets are: Sara F., born May 1, 1855, died January 5, 1877; Ira J., February 22, 1857, resides in this county; Silas H., March 7, 1859, resides in this county; Elza S., February 25, 1861 resides at home; Nancy E., February 18, 1863, resides in this county; Emma R., January 16, 1865, resides at home; Paulina I., Mary 2, 1867, resides at home; Celestial A., September 6, 1869, died August 7, 1870; Etta ., May 25, 1872, resides at home; Alphonse C., November 25, 1874, resides at  home.  Mr. Sheets was a soldier in the war of the rebellion.  He enlisted February 14, 1865, in the 195th Ohio Volunteer Infantry one year.  Mrs. Sheets had five brothers in the war.  Samuel Willcoxon enlisted for three years, and has never been heard of; Richard Willcoxon served three years in the heavy artillery; William Willcoxon served three years in the  60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the whole regiment being taken prisoners, and after his exchange he reenlisted in the 195th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Sutton Willcoxon served in the 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and reenlisted in the 173rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, being slightly wounded.  The father of Mr. Sheets was one of the first settlers in Guyan township, emigrating here from Virginia in 1806.  He had to endure many hardships.  Mr. Sheets is a farmer, residing in Guyan Township.  His post office address is Mercerville, Gallia County, Ohio.


History of Gallia County, Ohio - by H.H. Hardesty 1882