Isaac V. Dennis, a farmer residing in West Lucas township, post-office, Iowa City; Was born Nov. 11, 1822, at Batavia, Clermont County, OH. He left there and settled in Iowa with his mother and family in 1838, May the first, where he now lives on section six. When they crossed the Iowa River they took the wagon apart and shipped it over in a canoe and swam the oxen. His residence was for two years the farthest west of any building in Johnson County, the very picket outpost of civilization. In 1840 William Dunn brought some printing material to Iowa City and Mr. Dennis did the first type setting ever done in Johnson County, and got out a paper called the Iowa City Standard, of Whig politics; this was some time early in 1840, and the Iowa City Republican of today is the continuation of that first paper. Later in the same year, Mr. Dennis started the Iowa City Argus, a democratic paper. Afterwards worked some years at type setting on State work (see Chapter on newspapers of the county.) He was married Dec. 31, 1843 to Miss Elizabeth Fellows of what was then called Iowa City township. They have six children: Emily, George, Lucien I., William Delos, Samuel Kirkwood and Grant. He built the first frame house in Iowa City.


The History of Johnson County Iowa 1836-1882