SCOTLAND G. HIGHLAND was born near West Milford, Harrison County, West Virginia, August 7, 1879, the youngest of six children born to Captain John Edgar and Lucinda Earle Patton Highland.


Mr. Highland is nationally known in the vast field of water supply, having been actively identified with the American and New England water works associations since 1913, and associated with the Clarksburg water plant and system as secretary, treasurer and general manager since February 1, 1906.


A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote generations -- Macaulay (1800-1859).


The Highland history, covering a span of 337 years is given below in the form adopted by the "Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy."


12-Richard HIGHLAND, of Waldron, Co. Sussex, Eng., the testator of 1591; issue, 6 children.


11-Peter, m in Eng. ante 1581; issue, several children;


10-Thomas (bap. Waldron, Co. Sussex, Eng., June 29, 1581, d. Waldron, Feb. 10 1629-30), m. May 17, 1597, Agnes, dau. of John Woodman, of Mayfield; issue, 11 children.


9-Thomas (bap. Waldron, Co. Sussex, Apr. 23, 1604, d. Scituate, Mass., bet. Feb. 14, 1682-83, and May 3, 1683, on which latter date his will was probated), came from Tenterden,  Co., Kent, Eng., with wife and 8 children to Scituate, where he was a propr., 1637; took oath of allegiance and was a freeman at Scituate, Feb. 1, 1638-39; juryman and town officer; m. 1626, Deborah Highland; he left his son Thomas lands in Waldron and a house in Tenterden; issue, 8 children (his son Samuel d soldier in King Philip's war, 1676);


8-Thomas (bap. Tenterden, Co. Kent, Eng., Nov. 15, 1629, d post 1683, Scituate); m Jan. 1, 1660/61, Elizabeth Stockbridge (John 9, who before 1657 built the Stockbridge mansion-house, at Scituate, used as a garrison in King Philip's war); issue, 5 children (son Thomas d in Sir William Phip's Canada expdn., 1690);


7-John (b Scituate, Mass., Mar. 17, 1669/70, d post 1712), m Jan. 3, 1693/94, Elizabeth James (William 8, of Scituate); issue, 8 children;


6-John b Scituate, d New Castle Co., Del., June 15, 1744, m Mary Garretson (also spelled Garrison; Henry 7, of New Castle Co., Del.); issue, 3 children;


5-Henry (b New Castle Co., Del., June 12, 1741, d there 1786), m in Del., Dec. 26, 1765, Mary Robinson (also spelled Robeson; Richard 6, of New Castle Co., Del.); issue, 6 children;


4-John (b Newport, Del., Aug 21, 1770, d Clarksburg, VA., now w. Va., Dec. 1, 1814, where he and his family settled Oct. 1, 1806); m First Bapt. Ch., Phila., Dec. 26, 1799, Telitha Batten (1776-1854; Francis 5, m 1762, Deborah Hoffman; Francis 6 m 1730, Anne Cheeseman, of Gloucester Co., N. J.); issue, 4 children;


3-Jacob (b nr. Clarksburg, Va., now W. Va., Sept. 4, 1808, d. nr. W. Milford W. Va., Mar. 16, 1880), m Feb. 28, 1828, Nancy Jane Williams (b Aug. 7, 1808, d Nov. 21, 1890; Nathaniel 4, m Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. David Maxwell (b 1750, d Harrison Co., Va., 1820), capt. Am. Rev. from Del.; issue, 9 children;


2-John Edgar (2 below)


8-John SMITH (b 1656, Co. Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland); his dau. Mary, m William Fulton, g. father of Robert Fulton (1765-1815), the inventor;


7-John (b 1686, Co. Monaghan, d Dec. 19, 1765), m in Ireland, 1713, Susanna (b Ireland, 1691, d Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 24, 1767); came to America, 1720; planter; stone dwelling built by him in Chester Co. is now (1927) standing; mem. Brandywine Manor Presbyn. Ch., Chester Co.; issue, 11 children;


6-Mary (b Chester Co., Pa., ca. 1735, d Weston, Harrison Co., Va., Aug 11, 1799) m 1760, Alexander LEWIS (b 1730, d Lost Creek, Harrison Co., Va., now W. Va., Dec. 13, 1814, where he had settled ca. 1799); merchant, Lewisburgh, Pa., 1790-97; erected stone dwelling house, Lewisburgh, Pa., 1790-91; issue 8 children;


5-Susanna (b Chester Co., Pa., Nov. 5, 1761, d. nr. West Milford, Harrison Co., Va., July 28, 1828); 2d cousin of Robert Fulton, the inventor; m 1786, William PATTON (b Lancaster Co., Pa., Apr 21, 1761, d nr. W. Milford, Harrison Co., Va., July 28, 1826), soldier Am. Rev. 1780-81, from Lancaster Co., Pa.,; settled on Duck Creek, Harrison Co., Va., ca. 1799; farmer; stockman; issue, 9 children;


4-Col. Alexander Lewis (b Lancaster Co., Pa., July 23, 1789, d. nr. W. Milford, W. Va., May 21, 1866), m 1st, Clarksburg, Va., July 19, 1814, Ruth Smith (b Clermont Co., O., May 31, 1798, d nr. W. Milford, Va., Aug. 7, 1848, dau. of James Smith, m Hester Morris dau. rev. Isaac Morris, b. Berks Co., Pa., 1740, d. near Clarksburg, Harrison Co., Va., July 10, 1830, m Ruth Henton, b Va., 1750, d. Harrison Co., Va., 1839, parents of 12 children among whom were Hester Morris, before named, who married James Smith, and Thomas Morris, b. Berks Co., Pa., Jan. 3, 1776, d. Clermont Co., O., Dec. 7, 1844, emigrated from Harrison Co., Va., to territory now Ohio, 1795; m nov. 19, 1797, Rachel Davis, 1779-1853; atty; elected Ohio legislature 1806; served in general assembly 24 years; elected U.S. senator from Ohio 1832, serving from Dec. 1833 to Mar. 4, 1839; nationally known his debate Feb. 9, 1839, in federal senate on the abolition of slavery with Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun); Colonel Alexander Lewis Patton, the preceding, was promoted to the rank of colonel in 11th regt. of Va. Militia, 1826 (succeeding Col. Jonathan Jackson, father of Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson); justice Harrison Co., Ct., 1834-35, and 1846-57; farmer; stockman; issue 11 children;


3- Ebenezer Wilson (b Harrison Co., Va., May 12, 1822, d Clarksburg, W. Va., Oct. 28, 1879), presiding justice of the Harrison Co. Ct., 1857-58; civil engr.; constructed the W. Milford and New Salem turnpike, 1850-52; hotel propr.; mcht.; atty.; m 2d, Clarksburg, Va., July 6, 1847, Sarah (Sally) Ann Carder (b Beverly, Va., July 12, 1826, d W. Milford, Harrison Co., Va., Nov. 12, 1854);


2-Lucinda Earle (2 below)


5-Sanford CARDER (b Culpeper Co., Va., Sept. 16, 1760, removed to Hampshire Co., and lastly to Fayette Co., O., where he d Aug. 7, 1845), m 1st, ca. 1789-90, Nancy Hoffman (d ante 1827; Conrad 6), soldier Am. Rev.;


4-James (b 1791, Hampshire Co., Va., d 1859, Clarksburg, Va.), merchant; hotel propr.; m 2d, Oct. 6, 1825, Randolph Co., Va., Lucinda Earle; issue, 10 children;


3-Sarah (Sally) Ann (b Beverly, Va., July 12, 1826, d W. Milford, Harrison Co., Va., Nov. 12, 1854), m Clarksburg, Va., July 6, 1847, Ebenezer Wilson PATTON (3 above).


10-Sir Richard EARLE, of Dorset Co., Eng., desc. Henry de Erleigh from lordship of Erleigh; was Lord of Newton, and desc. Sir John Earle (1334-1410), known as the "White Knight," who m Margaret, dau. of Sir Guy de Brian; original ancestor went to Eng. With William the Conqueror;


9-Sir John (1614-60), from Eng. ca. 1649-52, with his wife and three children, Samuel, John and Mary, and for paying the passage of 34 persons received land grants aggregating 1,700 acres located on Earle's Creek and Yoecomico River, now Northumberland Co., Va., which, exclusive of other patents subsequently granted by the lords proprietors of the Northern Neck, descended in a single male representative for 100 years; m 1st, ca 1637, Mary Symons (1619-59);


8-Samuel (1639-97), Westmoreland Co., Va.; m 1st, Bridget Hale (relative Sir Mathew Hale, celebrated mathematician);


7-Samuel (1680-1746), surveyor of highways; m Phyllis Bennet (relative Gov. Richard Bennet, of Va.); issue: Samuel, Elizabeth, Hannah and Phyllis;


6-Maj. Samuel (d 1771), justice Co. Ct. of Frederick Co., Va.,; colleague of Lord Fairfax, 1743-52; high sheriff; church warden; maj. Col. George W. Fairfax's regt. of Horse; burgess, 1742-47; collector of tobacco, 1748; surveyor of highways, 1747; justice Co. Ct. of Prince William Co., Va., 1738; educated at William and Mary Coll.; atty. at law; planter; m 1st, 1726, Anna Sorrell (1707-Dec. 30, 1748), dau. of Thomas Sorrell, m Elizabeth of Westmoreland Co., Va.; m 2d, post 1748, Elizabeth Holbrook (b 1728; Randolph 7, of Prince William Co., Va., m. Jeannette); issue, 1st and 2d marriages, 13 children;


5-Maj. Esaias (also written Ezaias, Ezias, and Esias), b ca. 1753, d Oct. 30, 1826, of Frederick Co., Va.; planter; capt. 51st Regt Va. Militia; promoted to maj., 1795; m Frederick Co., ,Va., Dec. 15, 1785, Sarah (Sally) Brownley (1768-1840); John 6, of Frederick Co., Va.); issue, 8 children;


4-Lucinda (1801-77), b in that part of Frederick Co., now Clarke Co., Va.; m Oct 6, 1825, Randolph Co., Va., James CARDER (4 above);


2-Lucinda Earle Patton, b. April 3, 1851, at West Milford, Harrison Co., then Va., now W.Va.,dau. of Ebenezer Wilson Patton and Sarah (Sally) Ann Carder, his wife (3 above), m. Jan. 25, 1867, Capt. John Edgar Highland, of Harrison Co., W. Va. (b. Oct 19, 1832, d. May 4, 1903); Union civil war veteran; capt. 21st Regt., 2d Brig., 1st Div. W. Va. Militia; school teacher; merchant; farmer; issue (all b. Harrison Co., W. Va.);


1-Charles Bruce, b. Oct. 31, 1868; merchant; m. Oct. 7, 1902, Jessie, dau. of Edgar Amos, m. Dorcas Clayton;


2-Virgil Lee, b. Harrison Co., W. Va., Aug. 31, 1870, m. Dec. 31, 1902, Gertrude Elizabeth Morgan, born at Webster, Taylor Co., W. Va., mar. 14, 1871; dau. of Dr. David Porter Morgan (desc. Col. Morgan Morgan), m. Annette R. Shinn; issue:


1-Stephen Lee, b. at Clarksburg, Apr. 30, 1905, graduate West Virginia University;


2-Anita, B. Clarksburg, Aug. 23, 1907;


3-Linda Marion, B. Clarksburg, Jul. 17, 1912;


4-Florence Jean, b. Clarksburg, Jan. 19, 1916; Educated in the public schools of Harrison County; Scio (O.) College; and Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. President of the Empire National Bank; owner Clarksburg Daily Telegram; chairman W. Va. Republican State Committee, 1908-1912, and 1912-1916; West Virginia member Republican National Committee since 1916; actively identified with the development of the natural resources of the Upper Monongahela Valley, being a director in a score of companies which provide employment for thousands of men residing in the upper reaches of the rich Monongahela Valley. Residence: Clarksburg, West Virginia.


3-Franklin Earle, b. Apr. 29, 1872; merchant; m. Dec. 16, 1896, Estelle, Dau. of Prof. Rupert Roland Powell, m. Elizabeth Brockman, of Va.; (issue: Aileene Earle, b. Dec. 6, 1899; Elizabeth Celeste, b. Oct. 2, 1902);


4-Isophene, b. Nov. 18, 1874, m. Oct. 7, 1896, Emory Ellis, son of Marshall Tetrick, m. Rose Shinn (issue: Irene Highland, b. Mar. 24, 1902; Virginia Earle, b. Jan. 29, 1912; Highland Marshall, b. June 24, 1916);


5-Cecil Blaine, b. Nov. 2, 1876; elected  to State Senate, 1924, from 2d dist.; dir. Empire Nat. Bank; owner Wetzel Republican; m. Feb. 10, 1909, Ella Cox (issue: Virginia Lee, b. Feb. 25, 1910; Cecil Blaine, Jr., b. Nov. 3, 1918);


6-Scotland G. Highland, the subject of this genealogical sketch was born near West Milford, Harrison County, West Virginia, August 7, 1879; general manager Clarksburg, West Virginia, water plant and system since February 1, 1906; author of standard sanitary plumbing code; Highland genealogy; contributes to the newspapers and to the technical press; educated in public schools at West Milford; West Virginia University; Iron City College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; G. W. Michael's school, Logansport, Indiana; member: Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the States of Tennessee and Illinois; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Historical Society; American Water Works Association; New England Water Works Association; American Society for Municipal Improvements; authority on stream purification and sewage disposal; author of treatise on the abolition of the death penalty; member: Sons of Union Civil War Veterans; Masonic Lodge; Methodist Protestant Church; aviation enthusiast, having flown as a passenger in West Virginia, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario and Quebec. Mr. Highland owns a rare library. Residence: Clarksburg, West Virginia.



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