MILTON BROOKS SCOTT, a retired merchant now living at Milford, is a former mayor of that little city in Hamilton and Clermont counties, and he is generally credited with having been the chief factor in the modern development of this community.


He was born November 23, 1864, in the Village of Fincastle, Eagle Township, Brown County, Ohio, son of William H. and Adeline Scott, both natives of Ohio. Milton Brooks Scott attended public schools in his native village, and as a young man engaged in the general merchandise business there. From that point he removed to Newport, Adams County, where for a number of years he conducted a store. Following that he became traveling representative for the Sterns Coal and Lumber company, and then for several years was connected with the Norfolk and Western Railway. For three years he was manager of the Portsmouth Hat and Glove Company.


Mr. Scott was vice mayor of Milford in 1918-1920, and owing to the illness of the mayor he became active mayor in 1920. While mayor he was approached by the state prohibition agents relative to the trial of liquor cases arising from arrests in Hamilton and Clermont counties, Milford being situated as the dividing line between the counties. His statement was that if the arrests were made legitimately and with positive proof and evidence he would permit the cases to be tried in his court. In the fall of 1921 he was elected mayor for a period of two years. While he was in office as acting mayor or mayor he collected in fines for the town of Milford over $325,000, and out of more than 1,500 cases that came before him his decisions were reversed by the higher courts only five times. People interested in the prosecution of liquor cases and the maintenance of the proper respect for law wrote him letters of commendation from all over the United States, and he was frequently asked for information regarding his policy and system of conducting his village court for the benefit of similar courts elsewhere. His term as mayor had many important results, not the least among which are the remodeled city building, the modern fire apparatus and other improvements for the village.


Mr. Scott is a member of the Knights of Pythias, belongs to the Association of Descendants of Daniel Boone, is a Methodist and an independent democrat. He married Miss Ora H. Hilling, daughter of Richard R. and Mary Hilling. She is a descendant of Betsy Ross, who made America's first flag. Both Mr. and Mrs. Scott take an active part in the social life of Milford. They have a family of six children; Ruby Scott, born in 1893, connected with the Building and Loan Association of Milford; Phyllis, born in 1897, a graduate of the Shuster-Martin School of Cincinnati; Wilmar L., born in 1899, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and manager of a hotel at Yorktown, Virginia; Donna, born in 1902, a graduate of Miami University of Oxford, Ohio and a teacher; Geneva, born in 1904; and Glen Everest, attending the Milford High School.


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