Edward was born in the family Irish homestead at Trummera the son of Edward Carroll and Sarah Bell. He was married to Elizabeth Murray who gave birth to all but one of their children in Ireland. His grandson (Robert) records that "he was embarrassed financially by the condition of the country following the rebellion of 1798" and sold the leasehold of the 100 acre property (which had been in the family since 1729) to Isaac Bell in September 1800 prior to emigrating to the USA.

The family crossed the Atlantic with the Murrays to whom they were related by marriage. The Carrolls landed in Philadelphia on 21 May 1801. Following the death of one child they bought some land in Columbiana County on the Ohio river in the North Western Territory, now Ohio. It was a wilderness of almost unbroken forest.

Towards the end of his life he moved to a Quaker settlement called New Garden near New Lisbon where he is buried with his wife.


Submitted by David O'Carroll