D. C. CAHILL, lawyer. Bucyrus: was born Nov. 2, 1832 in Vernon Township. and is a son of R. W. and Eliza (Cuinining) Cahill. His youth was spent on a farm. and at the age of 20 he, in the fall of 1852, entered the preparatory department of Wittenberg College at Springfield, Ohio where he remained until 1856, after which he spent one term at the Ohio Wesleyan University. In 1857, he went back to Wittenberg where he completed the entire course, except the formality of graduating. Owing to the failing health of his father, he then took charge of the homestead. In the fall of 1868, he came to Bucyrus and entered the law office of S. R. Harris, Esq., for the purpose of studying law. He was admitted to the bar, Dec. 20, 1860, and practiced law here until April, 1865, when he made a trip to San Francisco, Cal., overland, being nearly six months on the way, arriving there in September, having visited many points of interest during the journey. He went to Oregon and held an office in Linn Co., from September, 1866, until April 1867. He then returned via Panama to New York, and was called home by the illness of his brother, who was practicing law at Dayton, Ohio. At the close of the 1867, he reopened a law office in Bucyrus: closed his office in September 1868 and traveled with his brother until his death, at San Antonio, Texas, in December following. In June, 1869, he returned home and resumed his law practice, in his present office, as the partner of Judge Thomas Beer. He was out hunting in December of this year when, by an accidental discharge of his gun, he received a painful wound, which disabled him fro about eighteen months. In the later part of 1871, he was employed by the Mansfield, Coldwater & Lake Michigan Railroad, to obtain the right of way through the county. In the spring of 1872, he again opened a law office and practiced until his election as Clerk of the Court in October, taking charge of the office in February, 1874, and retired in February, 1880 when he resumed his law practice with his brother Isaac Cahill, under the firm name of Cahill Brothers, in No. 7 Quinby Block. He was married in October, 1875, to Miss A. E. J. Juillard, of Bucyrus, who was born in Stark County, Ohio, and is a daughter of John N. Juilliard. She came to Bucyrus in 1867, where she learned the millinery business with Miss Jennie L. Anderson, and was partner for one season. Since 1868, she has done a large business in the millinery department. She keeps a large stock of millinery and notions.


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