J. H. and P. A. BEARD Bucyrus. These gentlemen are descendants of Phillip Beard, who came from Germany to America during the reign of George the III, and settled at Baltimore. He was a stone-mason. and under his supervision old Ft. Frederick was built. It is said that some years ago when that structure was being torn down, the workmen found it almost impossible to separate the masonry thus testifying to his ability as a mechanic. John and Susan (Sager) Beard, parents of J. H. and P. A. Beard. were both born in Washington County, Md. The maternal ancestors were from Germany and served with distinction in the American Army during the Revolutionary war. Our subject's parents were married in Maryland and resided there until 1854, when they came to Seneca Co., Ohio. They were the parents of eight children, six of whom are yet living. The father died in 1866, his wife is yet living at an advanced age. J. H. and P..A. Beard were both born in Washington Co., Md. the former May 3, 1830, and the latter March 22, 1833. They were brought up to hard work and received few advantages for obtaining an education. Soon after reaching their majorities, they engaged in agricultural pursuits which for the most part they have ever since followed. J. H. was married to Miss Catharine A. Nusbaum Dec. 28, 1858; she was born in Frederick Co., Md., April 2, 1841. They are the parents of five children viz., Celia V. , J. Lewis, Anna D. and Ralph H., living; and Della H deceased, Phillip A. married Miss Lucy Reichart June 12, 1856; she was born in Seneca Co., Ohio, Nov. 23, 1836. They have seven children viz., Ida C. Clemma I., Bush C., Effie E., Jesse P. and John S. living; Clara B., deceased. Both brothers own nicely improved farms in Bucyrus Township. which they have obtained by industry economy and close attention to business. J. H. Beard came to this county in 1865, and his brother some, four years later. They are members of the Republican party and of the English Lutheran Church. In political matters. however, they are liberal and make it a rule to vote for men and measures and not for party. They are intelligent, progressive men respected by all who know them. Crawford Co. would indeed be much better off, had it more such men as J. H. and P. A. Beard.


History of Crawford County and Ohio, Baskin & Battey, Historical Publishers, Chicago, 1881