In 1867 "Dad" my grandfather was born to John and Susan Williams 1/2 miles west of Mandale, Ohio. My grandfather was also known as Tank Willimas by many. According to the notes from my Aunt Vern, Dad often told her stories of his early life in Pauling County while sitting on the banks of the Dog Creek, Little Auglaize, or Middle Creek fishing. My own mother Lula Williams Spencer often told the same stories to us as children. He told my Aunt Vern that my great grandfather was a run away slave from Kentucky, my mother(Lula) said "Dad" was an Canadian Indian from Canada. I guess Great granddad could have come out of Canada after fleeing from the planation in Kentucky.

Great granddad Williams had three children, my grandfather Charles Williams, my Aunt Emma Williams, and one child that died at birth.

While as a teenager Dad, met a young laday who also lived in Paulding County by the name of Luella Goings. Dad started a courtship with my grandmother Luella, it was 9 miles from the granddads cabin. According to Aunt Vern Dad said he could only visit Grandma once a week and that was on Sunday afternoon and during the day light hours, because it was a nine mile walk each way, and he had to back before dark to do chores.

In 1885 Charles Williams and Luella Goings married and began farming and raising a family.  Dad and Grandma raised 12 children, John, Charles, Alva, Ethel, Schuyler, William, Verna, Julia, Beulah, Furl, Lula(my mother) and Clayton.

Each one of Dad's and Grandma's off springs married and raised families of their own. John married Minne Underwood, Charles married Mildred Upethgove, Alva married Christeen Bond, Ethel married Harley Rowe, Schuyler married Pearl Rowe, William married Leona Woods, Verna married Clyde Mines, Julia married Wilbur Galloway,Beulah married James Galloway, Furl married Irma Ferguson, Lula married George Spencer(my Dad) and Clayton married Flora Tipton.

When Dad passed away in 1954 he left 87 grandchildren and more than 100 great grandchildren. At this writing his lineage has double and tripled in sizes. There are now so many of us, it is hard to count.

My Aunt Emmie married Thadeous Day and they had 10 children, Goldia, Eva, Dewey, Sadosia, Vesta, Gwenlyn, Charles, Thodora, Doyt, and Jeanette(of whom I carry her name, Sharon Jeanette).

This is a small Bio of my mother and her family. My mother was born September 5, 1909 in Mandale, and died July 15, 1999. Her and my father George Spencer had 11 children and adopted one child. My brothers and sisters are, George Jr. Darwin(deceased) Armeada, Glenna, Vonnie, Dalton, Karen, Alva, Darrell, Sharon (me), Thyrin(deceased) and Joe. At the time of my mothers death she left 52 grandchildern,91 great grandchildren,9 great great grandchildren, and a great, great, great grandson and one Sister Beulah Roman. My Aunt Beulah will celebrete her 100 birthday December 19 of this year.

I hope those who will read this bio, will reflect and remember, beautiful people came from Paulding County, and we are a small portion of it, but so proud to have such a rich history and such wonderful memories of "down home at "Dad's"


Provided by Sharon Spencer Land