The family of John Darling was found in the 1850 census of Waynesfield, Lucas County, Ohio. John died two years before the census, and has never been found in any census records. According to the marriage certificate of one of his sons, his name was John J. Darling, and he was born in Vermont. His parentage has not yet been found. John married Concurrence Bradford, probably between 1828 and 1831. Concurrence, of Middle Haddam, Middlesex County, CT, was a direct descendant of William Bradford of the Mayflower.

John and Concurrence had four children that were listed on the 1850 census. There could have been older children that were out of the home by 1850. Those living with Concurrence in 1850, with probable birth years and places, were Gilbert Hinkle Darling, born 1832 in Cattaraugus County, NY; Oliver P. Darling born 1833 in Saratoga Co. NY; Cynthia W. Darling born ca 1837 in MI; and William B. Darling born 1842 in Erie County, OH. This shows that John and Concurrence had moved frequently after their marriage. Some time was spent in New York, and then it appears they moved to Michigan around the time that many of Concurrence's family moved to Jackson County, MI. They apparently didn't stay long in Michigan, as they were in Erie County, Ohio by 1842 when William was born. On 21 Jan 1846 John purchased a small piece of land in Monclova, Waynesfield Twp., Lucas County. He was able to take occupancy on 1 Apr 1846. Less than one year later John apparently became ill, as he sold his land on 24 Feb 1847 and died less than a year later. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad deal, as the purchaser did not make payments, and the case ended up in Chancery Court. The court ordered that the purchaser pay for the property or it would be sold. Unfortunately no record has been found of the resolution of this case.   

It is not known what Concurrence and her children did after the house was sold. However, the family seemed to split up at some time after 1850. Concurrence has never been found again.

Gilbert moved to Michigan, where he married Mariah Abbey Glazier in 1854 in Kalamazoo.

Oliver moved to Seneca, Ohio, where he married Mary  J. Lightner in 1859. Cynthia has not been found. William was found back in Erie County, OH in 1860, a young man of 18 or 20. William has been more difficult to trace. He may be the William that married Minnie shortly after 1860, and then married Rosetta Bonham in 1875 at Whiteford, Monroe County, MI, stating his residence was Monclova, Lucas County, OH.

Gilbert Darling had 3 surviving children, and he died about 1876 in Tennessee, after serving in the Civil War in a Michigan unit. Oliver had one or two children, served in an Indiana unit in the Civil War, and died in 1900 in Indiana. William may have had 5 sons, but this has not yet been proven. He died sometime after 1880 in OH. None of the family's deaths have been found except for John and Oliver. Nothing is known of John's family in Vermont.


Contributed by Patricia E. Darling