The Rev. R. H. Griffith, who devoted many years of his life to the active work of the ministry and who is now well known as a representative of real estate and other business interests in Fairfield county, was born in Marshall, Highland county, Ohio, on the 17th of October, 1849, his parents being W. H. and Margaret D. Griffith, both of whom are now deceased. His collegiate education was obtained in the Ohio Wesleyan University and some years afterward the degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon him by the Taylor University. Determining to devote his life to the ministry, that he might aid in uplifting humanity, Mr. Griffith became identified with the Methodist Episcopal church in the Ohio annual conference in the year 1872. He was then twenty-three years of age, and for a long period he was connected with the Ohio annual conference, but in January, 1895, he was transferred by Birhop J. M. Walden, D. D., LL. D., to the Des Moines annual conference, and stationed at Humeston, Iowa, serving as pastor of tlie church of that place for four years. He was then stationed by Bishop J. H. Vincent, D. D., LL. D.. at Stuart, Iowa, but resigned his pastorate there about the middle of the second year because of his wife's health and also because financial interests in other sections of the country demanded his personal attention.

In the year 1873 Rev. Griffith was united in marriage to Miss Susan C. Southard, a daughter of Rev. J. W. and Mary J. Southard, the Rev. H. B. Westerbelt, D. D., officiating. After ten years of married life, one Sunday in September, 1883, in Deavertown, Morgan county, Ohio, a daughter came to bless the union and to her they gave the name of Floy Inez.

Mr. Griffith is a senior partner of the firm of Griffith & McCurdy, owninig a large general store in Bremen. He is also a member of the Bremen Lumber Company of the same place. Investigation into the history of the town would show that Mr. Griffith has had no little to do with the rapid and splendid growth of the beautiful village. He was instrumental in laying out what is known as the Griffith & McCurdy addition and in placing in this district a, number of good homes. Though he has large business interests in Bremen he maintains his old home in Basil, in the same county. His house, with its environments consisting of brick walks, broad and velvety lawns and ample shade and fruit trees makes a delightful home, and there Rev. Griffith and his wife spend many happy hours. He loves to contribute to the welfare of the Basil Methodist church, and says: "There are not many of us, but like every Methodist Episcopal church, we are here to stay." Although not now actively connected with the ministry, his interest in the welfare and progress of his church is no less deep and abiding, and his influence and labors are continuously given for the promotion and upbuilding of his denomination.


From A Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Ohio, J. S. Clarke Publishing, New York and Chicago, 1902