Nimrod Adams, a pioneer of Caesarscreek township, who died at his home in that township on June 2, 1864, and was buried in New Hope cemetery at Paintersville, was born in western Virginia and there grew to manhood. He married Susan Linkhart, who also was born in the Old Dominion, and not long after his marriage he and his wife put their belongings in a wagon and drove through to Ohio, settling on a pioneer farm not far north of Paintersville, in this county, where they established their home. They became afifiliated with the Methodist Protestant church at Paintersville. His widow survived him for more than twenty years, her death occurring in 1886, she then being eighty-one years of age. They were the parents of eight children, all but one of whom are now. deceased, namely: Ellen, who married John Borton and lived in the neighboring county of Clinton; Julia, who married Wesley Stephens; Jane, who married John Cohagen; Harriet, who married Jonathan Bales; Josephine, who remained at home with her parents and is now making her home with the widow of her brother Harvey; Jackson, who was twice married, his first wife having been Sarah Kildow, and his second, Eliza Cline; Joseph, who married Eunice Haines, and Harvey, who died at his home north of Paintersville in the summer of 1908 and whose widow is still living there.

Harvey Adams was reared on the old Adams place in the vicinity of Paintersville and there received his schooling. He lived on the home place after his marriage and continued to make it his home until 1897, when he built the house in which his widow and his sister Josephine are now living, north of Paintersville. Mrs. Adams was born, Isabella Wilson, daughter of John and Nancy (Kildow) Wilson, in Caesarscreek township. John Wilson was a Virginian who came to Greene county in the days of his young manhood and after his marriage established his home in Caesarscreek township, remaining there until his removal to Jefferson township, where he spent his last days. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Protestant church. They were the parents of seven children, namely: William, who is now living at Port William, in the neighboring county of Clinton; Shannon, deceased; Isabella, widow of Harvey Adams; Joseph, deceased; Stephen, who is still living on the old Nelson home place; Abigail, wife of Allen Hite, of Jefferson township, and John Wesley, who died in the days of his boyhood.

To Harvey and Isabella (Wilson) Adams were born four children, namely: Lydia, who. married Frank Woolery, who is farming the Adams' place, and has one son, Fred; Emma, who married Charles Powers and died leaving two children, Ora R. and Goldie L.; Elsie Laverna, who died at the age of fourteen years, and Nora Belle, who married Everett St. John and died at the age of twenty years. She was the mother of two children, both now deceased. Harvey Adams died on August 13, 1908. His widow and his sister, Josephine Adams, continue to make their home on the old Adams home place north of Paintersville. They are members of the Methodist Protestant church at Paintersville.


From History of Greene County Ohio, Its People, Industries and Institutions, vol. 2. M.A.Broadstone, editor. B.F.Bowen & Co., Indianapolis. 1918